The Government “Suddenly” Gets Concerned With Overspending on the Trump Family

by Mark Angelides

Apparently, protecting the President of the United States and his family is a massive burden on the government budget, and according to USA Today, it’s because President Trump makes so many trips. But where was this concern for overspending when the nation was racking up over Twenty Trillion Dollars of Debt?
Secret Service Director Randolph “Tex” Alles is saying that 1000 secret service people have already hit their federally mandated pay caps, and that “The president has a large family, and our responsibility is required in law,” Alles said. “I can’t change that. I have no flexibility.”
Apparently the problem is that Trump has 42 White House protectees and Obama only had 31. Therefore the world is ending and it’s all Trump’s fault.
The sad truth is that more security is needed for President Trump and his family because the people in charge of protecting him are failing doing a poor job. There have been incidents where people have just hopped over the White House fence, and even agents saying they would not take a bullet for the president…People who make these mistakes need to be replaced.
Yet all the extra money being spent on the Trump retinue adds up to almost nothing when compared with the fraudulent misspending and waste that has taken place over the last twenty years. So why are the MSM getting excited about this? Could it be because it is one more thing with which they can attempt to lambast the president?
All major reports show that the economy is doing well (comparatively) and that employment is at a 16 year high. Along with the savings that Trump has been making through cuts to staffing and provision and his policy of one rule in, two rules out, it actually looks like something might be happening with the national debt. But the leftist media can’t allow Trump to be known as an “economics president”, so they are trying to smear him as wasteful.
Their efforts are almost transparent. It is far to easy to envisage President Trump talking about how well the economy is doing, and then the press jump him and say it would be so much better if not for you and your wastefulness…It’s all a set up.
The reality is that almost no one in government WANTS to lower the debt (or the deficit) because then true change would be possible. At the moment, the government is beholden to its sponsors.

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6 thoughts on “The Government “Suddenly” Gets Concerned With Overspending on the Trump Family

  1. these BASTARDS spend way MORE on stupid dementia victim and drunk Nancy PEElousie, and other hookers!
    President TRUMP sould USE his SALARY for a MAGA PARTY!

  2. Obama and his family were always taking multi million dollar vacations all over the world. No problem with that. LMAO how silly the PTB must think we are.

    • The Trump swines have already outspend the Obama’s in less than 6 month. Get the facts. Trump and his vertical Trump Piss Towers!

  3. After the Kenyan parasite, President Trump could triple his spending! The Kenyan was the most wasteful, corrupt trash ever to infest the WH and the media now want to start accusing a real President (falsely) of overspending…….what scum infests the media!

  4. This is TRULY hilarious, in light of Obama’s cash-sieve family! Constant vacations for Moochelle and 100s of her closest friends? Leftist hypocrisy is exquisite.

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