The Great Awakening Has Begun

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Thomas Paine of the American Intelligence Media explains how the Second American Revolution is a New World Awakening in which every citizen around the world can participate.

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2 thoughts on “The Great Awakening Has Begun

  1. This I seriously doubt. When people start shit-canning their TV sets en mass then we’ll know that the “great awakening” has begun, and not until.

    • Agreed. I shit canned mine about 6 years ago. The only way to see what it is doing is to stop using it. After not owning one for 6 years, whenever I see one on somewhere it is like a slap in the face how obvious it is. You do not realize this if you are watching it everyday because that is part of the mind control, it prevents you from being able to see it. You cannot be “awake” if TV is controlling your mind and if you are unable to remove TV from your life then it is controlling you. Plain and simple.

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