The Great Reset Is Not a Conspiracy Theory

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by Chris Black

Addressing three dumb arguments used by TRS/Alt-Right/NazBol people (Eric Striker, Keith Woods, Mike Enoch, etc) to claim that The Great Reset (Agenda 21) “isn’t real” or is a “baseless conspiracy theory.”

  1. The conspiracy is “too big” to be planned in advance or concealed from the public

Firstly, these people are all holocaust deniers who believe that Jews control all of the banks, media, and politicians, and are orchestrating White genocide worldwide. So, the “conspiracy is too big” argument applies just as easily to their own beliefs. Secondly, the conspiracy wasn’t concealed at all, just like Replacement Migration wasn’t concealed, nor was the climate psyop, or Cultural Marxism, and so on. Globalists have publicly announced all of their schemes for centuries. You can even find them talking about creating a world government — using the term “New World Order” — in 20th century newspapers. They just claim that their evil schemes are actually philanthropic missions to save the world. Most people are gullible enough to believe that.

  1. Great Reset “isn’t real” because there are “no Jews involved.”
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TGR (the great reset) is the most obvious conspiracy ever, regardless of Jewish involvement, but this claim can be debunked simply by opening the World Economic Forum website. WEF’s biggest partners include Blackrock and Bloomberg. The Rothschilds founded the Vatican x WEF “inclusive capitalism” organizations. Klaus Schwab was mentored by Henry Kissinger for 50 years. Almost every major mRNA “vaccine” company CEO is a member of the tribe, and so on. But Schwab and Gates are the facemen who are taking the flack, so obviously the whole thing is fake.

  1. “The Jews” want you to focus on the Great Reset because “it’s a distraction from race”

The Great Replacement was enacted to facilitate the Great Reset. Domestic inter-ethnic conflict prevents nations from overthrowing the globalist oligarchy. It’s a pretty simple divide and conquer strategy. It was no coincidence that globalist cartel only tried to force through their Communist NWO technocracy *after* the West was completely destabilized internally by Cultural Marxism and immigration. They aren’t just arbitrarily flooding White countries with immigrants because they happen to dislike us but because they have an overarching political endgame. Leftists/Globalists have been on the same trajectory since Marx: Abolition of property, nation, family, traditional culture, and the founding a one-world technocracy. It’s all part of the same conspiracy.

Basically, the plandemic is being used to strategically cripple the working/middle class and slingshot the world into a totalitarian Neo-Communist dystopia, under the guise of “Sustainable Development.” 

If you’re a nationalist then you’ve already been designated as global enemy #1. Remember White House national strategy for countering “domestic terrorism” released summer 2021?

COVID technocracy will be used to hunt you down like a stray dog — or like a political dissident in China, since that’s where our societies’ new social credit and surveillance systems are being modelled on.

It doesn’t make any sense for nationalists to downplay this threat.


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