The Great Reset of Global Hyper Inflation: Prepare Yourself for Cyber Attacks, Food Shortages & Power Outages

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by RussellHustle

The Great Reset is in people’s minds. The gas has been lit. But what will we be ‘resetting’?

Of course, our entire way of being is what’s being ‘reset’, but in the Machiavellian problem/reaction/solution script offered up by the technocrat corporate fascists who run the world, the “Great Reset” will be the global financial system.

Hyperinflation has run amok. It always does. In ancient Rome, Emperor Diocletian had cheap copper washed in silver in order to debase Rome’s currency. He introduced strict price controls to try and hide it. It happened in the German Weimar Republic, “Speculation alone, while adding nothing to Germany’s wealth, became one of its largest activities. The fever to join in turning a quick mark infected nearly all classes..Everyone from the elevator operator up was playing the market.”

The temptation of inflation is too great for whomever controls the currency. (For some it wasn’t a temptation but a goal in itself) When labour, which is man power, the lives of working individuals, is translated into money then money too becomes the stored power of workers. If you could simply press a button and build battleships and aircraft carriers with your mind, traverse the globe 1 million times in a private jet, bed with scores of prostitutes, have every desire become reality, would you do it?

This is the biggest red pill of all: All the power and wealth in the world comes from rulers who have spent 100 years debasing currency, stealing the power of workers. The Bank of International Settlements, Federal Reserve, European Central Bank, IMF, and every gigantic LLC on Wall Street have been literally printing money, debasing our currency, and stealing our wealth, our lives, and our countries from right under our feet. Then all of this new debased money follows into television, pharmaceuticals, automakers, textiles, electronics, etc, etc, the company valuations rise, and the debts needed to purchase the companies rise with them. Then the bonuses rise, the salaries rise (for the executives and CEOs) and the 1% become richer and richer, and even more powerful as they dominate the markets, the real estate market, stock market, commodities, etc, etc.

This is how billionaires made $3.9 trillion during the pandemic and how workers lose $3.7 trillion during the pandemic. It is not a coincidence that this all happened at a time when the US printed more money in 1 month than in 200 years. Source

We know the playbook, use your eyes and see what is happening. Workers make the same for 30 years, house prices explode, stocks explode, executive salaries explode, and prices are heavily controlled to hide it. If there is an economy between you and me, I have $100 and you have $100, then we each control 50% of the total supply of money. If I create another $100 and give it to myself, now I have $200 and you still have $100, now I control 66.6% of the total money supply and you control 33.3% of the total supply.

I just stole from you. Do you see how wrong this is? Do you see how unjust? This is a silent fascism perpetuated by the global financial cabal. Who also owns all the media and weapons manufacturers and food supply and energy infrastructure. Here, I’ll get you started, go to Yahoo Finance and search any company and look at top institutional shareholders, this is Facebook. It’s all banks and hedge funds. Blackrock, Vanguard, State Street. Check every major company you can think of.

We are controlled by inflation. They print money and control everything and we lose.

The technocrat corporate fascists’ goal is to run up inflation to its highest point, and bring everything down in a crumbling ball of fire. They want us defaulted, completely broke, homeless, without food, without electricity, and begging for solutions. And their solution is technocratic fascism. Everyone has a digital ID. Everyone gets mandatory vaccinations/ medical experiments. No one owns any property (you’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy!). No one travels. No one has unapproved contact and associate with others (don’t spread one of the 16 variant mutations!). No one has any opportunity for economic mobility. All dissent will be silenced (what was Julian Assange’s crime deserving of 2 years solitary at Belmarsh?).

Part of the new techno corporate fascist infrastructure will be blockchain technology, the foundation of the 4th industrial revolution, the bringer of the Internet of Things. With blockchain and smart contracts, and 5g internet with smart devices, the entire material universe will be put on the internet (seriously). But people won’t just willingly accept a new cryptocurrency, or many new cryptocurrencies, as the de facto ruling currencies. And the fascists would rather fear people into a new paradigm than educate anyway.

So a cyber attack will take place that will be worse than 9/11 in order to create the conditions necessary to rollout the new blockchain global economy. This winter storm going down to Texas has wrecked wheat crops in the US, and the US is already short on soybeans. What happens when foundational food sources such as wheat, corn and soybeans, disappear? All other food prices rise. A food shortage similar to the Chinese famine under Mao Zedong’s China is being manufactured to occur in the United States. This is a controlled demolition of America that is unfolding in slow motion. The techno corporate fascists are scared shitless because they’ve been harvesting our data and analyzing it on mass for the past two decades. They know we know all their crimes, they know we know what’s wrong with society and how to fix it, and they know that if we rise up they will never have power again, that their time will truly be over. So they’ve decided to wage a war against the general public. It’s their only option. Either rollout tech fascism or lose all the palaces, jets, fortunes, slaves, everything. They picked fascism.

Prepare yourself for what’s coming.


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