The great resignation – there’s labor shortage outside USA as well.

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by StonkBrothers2021

I am from the Balkans and I gotta tell you that I see a lot of signs of labour shortage here. I live in Sofia, a 2 million city where the IT and contact centre industry is very strong. I’ve been seing a lot of agressive hiring by many of those companies. They are struggling to find workers. Not enough young people willing to work hard in those industries.

But that’s not only the case in IT and customer service. It’s in retail and restaurants too.

The other day I visited Decathlon (a major euro sports retailer) and there was a Karen lite, suggesting they should hire more people. The girl at the counter said they’re hiring, but there aren’t enough applicants.

There’s a new KFC restaurant at my neighbourhood, but they cannot oppen for about two months now, as they can’t find employees. Today I saw they raised a bilboard to find workers!

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There are just not enough young people to fill in the spots. Most of them go to college/university, as it is super easy to get a degree nowadays. So easy that the universities are literally competing for students!

A lot of students would go to the states in the summer, to work as lifeguards, cashiers, any seasonal job. Or agriculture work – especially in the UK. But now those job positions aren’t filling – not enough students willing to work abroad for the summer.

I guess this is what our country gets for decades of neglecting a major demographic crisis. I bet our pension system is struggling too. Globalism is dead, folks.

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