The Greatest Wealth Transfer In History Is Happening Right Now…

by Shanobido47

Please watch Mike Maloney’s Episode 4 of HIDEEN SECRETS OF MONEY Series then start from episode 1… this is a must watch series…

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The Great American Squeeze: 69 million households are now canceling vacations, driving less and cutting grocery bills as inflation hits home, pollsters reveal

  • 56 percent of Americans now say inflation is causing them financial hardship
  • A worrying 12 percent said they were experiencing ‘severe hardship’ as their standard of living tanked
  • Republicans say inflation is biting into their paychecks more so than Democrats 
  • Cash-strapped Americans told they were cutting back on gas and groceries
  • Others are working overtime, finding second jobs or even delaying medical procedures 
  • The economy and rising prices remain a top concern for millions of voters heading in to November’s midterms


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