The hopeless feeling I get living in California. Here is my story of living here.

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by AC

I’ve lived in San Diego for about 3 months now. I never wanted to move here, but I got laid off in August and was out of work for a few months and took the job offer I got here as it was by far the best opportunity I had gotten offered to me. I sucked it up and moved out here.

I pay out the arse for apartment rent. You aren’t getting anything nice for less than $2000 a month. I pay $2700. My apartment garage is full of exotic luxury cars like Ferraris and Lambos but as soon as I leave my parking garage or apartment I am greeted with a sidewalk full of homeless people sleeping in tents, sleeping bags, and tarps. Drug addicts, homeless, and panhandlers as far as the eye can see. Streets smell like piss. You see human shite everywhere and needles. All they do is fight, litter and make a huge mess. I would never walk outside at night. It’s funny how liberals whine about income inequality yet California is the most unequal state I have seen.

It is so crowded everywhere. You have to drive quite a far ways out just to get some space. Even going to the grocery store at 8am on a Saturday you will run into crowds. Traffic is constantly a problem, at least I live close enough to work where I don’t have to deal with it every day. But even on weekends there is traffic. I drove up to Anaheim last week to go to an Angels game and it took me damn near 3 hours to go the 85 miles to get there. There’s just too many people here.

You see the effects of open border policies and unfettered immigration every day. Many places you go you aren’t going to see many white people. I went to the mall today to buy some clothes and I think I was the only white person there. I saw one other white person in the long checkout line at Banana Republic. The line was 40+ people deep at 10am. You have to wonder how long it is in the afternoon. Every cashier was speaking spanish to the spanish customers. Not only are these places filled with hispanics, but they have to take their entire extended family and 10 kids along with them which makes it even more crowded. Strollers everywhere and kids running around everywhere and hispanic moms with baby bumps and no ring on their finger. I wonder who is paying for this. Some may call this racist but I feel like I am living in another country. If you dropped me at this mall with a blindfold I would have thought I was in Mexico.

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You can’t go anywhere without someone asking you for money. There are signs infront of stores warning you that you may be approached by panhandlers inside. I’ve been panhandled at the most random places. Not just at intersections and freeway exit ramps. But I have people come up to me in the grocery store asking for $0.50 so they can buy a bag of chips, or approach me in the parking lot of a grocery store or Target or Wal Mart asking for money. When I go to my gym the parking lot is down the street so I am almost always hit up for money when walking to and from the gym. I drive a convertible and when my top is down for some reason beggars think this gives them free reign to come up to me and ask for money.

After the mall I go to put gas in my tank at $4.40 a gallon. Thanks to a ridiculous state gas tax and regulations that drive up gas prices here far north of most other places in the US, it costs $44 to put 10 gallons of gas in my tank. But wait, there’s more! 3 times I have been approached when filling up my tank by panhandlers. But they aren’t asking for money – they have gas cans with them and ask me to put gas in their gas cans. frick these people.

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Everything is more expensive here. And taxes. Sales tax is high, my income tax is ridiculous. Gas tax I already mentioned, and they want to make it higher. Taxes for shite like plastic bags at the grocery store. And I feel like I get nothing in return for these exorbitant taxes I have to pay.

Living near the beach is fine I guess, if you like dealing with the ridiculous beach traffic, lack of parking, littered beaches and massive crowds in order to be able to go to the beach.

Politics is why I feel hopeless. There is no way to change any of this shite. The state is so far left that democrats have unopposed rule. Taxes will only go one direction, up. The undesirable elements will continue to be catered to, the tax dollars will continue to go to worthless shit, and more and more dumb legislation will be passed. Nothing but more democrats will be elected statewide that will continue to push more left wing agendas. My vote is worthless and is probably cancelled out by illegals voting anyway. And I live in one of the supposed more conservative areas of the state. You have to wonder how bad it is in SF or LA.

I am going to put my time in here, ride out my contract, and then get the hell out of here. It’s not going to get any better. And despite what people say, living here really isn’t that great. Different strokes for different folks I guess, but it’s not worth the high taxes, high cost of living, constant crowds, homeless infestation, panhandlers and beggars everywhere, constant traffic, and far left agenda politics.



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