The idea of installing shills into every social media platform, online MSM outlet, and discussion forum is their way of taking control of the Internet without outright censorship.

by FitFly

Even Facebook is loaded with them, some of them likely bots.
I fear a future where nearly 50% or more of all “users” online and all online content and comments are posted by paid shills and bots. I suspect AI is utilized in this mass large scale shilling operation.
Think of what you could accomplish with this. They know the Internet is the “new media”, and it’s how the different factions within the truth movement spread ideas and awaken the public.
If they flooded these outlets with fake accounts that looked real, you could take over the narrative, and steer all the real users in a certain direction. I’m starting to think this is their ultimate goal. I remember getting a PM from a shill a few months back, something to the effect of;
“Every second, of every day, for the rest of your life, we gain more of the technology needed to reach every living human on earth. There is no great awakening, there is only “Us”.
Even Facebook seems to be loaded with them, using their same divisive tactics and narrative control. How many people would ever suspect that there are millions of fake accounts on Facebook masquerading as real people? They’re everywhere in the comments sections of videos like police brutality, geoengineering, banking, ect.
Everytime a police brutality video is posted, the top comment is always some shit like,
“If he was black he’d be dead!”
Like, every f*cking time. They don’t even try to be transparent.
And the worst part is, how the fuck would anybody know that post could potentially be a bot or a shill? They are essentially creating a fucking “Truman show” style takeover of the free internet by deploying a massive army of shills and bots, in hopes of slowing down and delaying, or completely sabotaging our awakening.
Please try to keep an open mind regarding this idea, and don’t immediately shoot it down because it seems unlikely or impossible to you. This is exactly the kind of lengths this crime syndicate would go to, to prevent a massive global awakening. They have all the money and time in the world to put a grid of control like this into place.