The Idea That Globalists are Motivated by “Profit” When Flooding European Countries with Third World Immigrants is Ridiculous

by Chris Black

Most Third World immigrants are a huge net deficit just by welfare usage alone.

It costs White countries (i.e. White taxpayers) billions of dollars per year just to keep them afloat.

Brainwashed mid-level bureaucrats might sincerely believe in the globalist vision (“save the browns” and so on), but the people orchestrating the Replacement Migration agenda are transparently motivated by causing as much harm to White people as possible.

There’s no other explanation as to why someone would intentionally destroy the world’s most advanced multi-continental civilization in this way.

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The dynamic of malevolent globalist elite (defining dogma) vs establishment-climbing bureaucrat (enforcing dogma) vs brainwashed NPC masses (following dogma) is similar to the old pattern of: Those who see, those who see when they are shown, those who do not see.

Generally speaking, it seems that elites know globalist ideology is intentionally harmful and openly admit that they want to destroy the “old world order” and create a globalized world state. Bureaucrats often don’t care either way.

They’re here to kiss ass and climb the ladder so they can have a nice retirement. Though, many are True Believers, often coming from the LGBLMTQ+ coalition.

The NPC masses believe that globalist ideology is benevolent because that’s what their trusted leaders, educators, and media outlets have told them. And why would everyone lie to them like that?


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