The Idea That ISIS Are Evil Masterminds Is Ridiculous – And It Distracts From Who The Real Enemy Is

by Mark Angelides

The MSM spin endless stories of how young Western Muslims are being radicalized by tech-savvy Jihadis, and provided with funds and training through secret camps and clever banking trails. But it’s ludicrous. The people we are now bombing are nothing more than idiots, led by slightly less idiotic people with slightly better connections. These are not the real enemy, they are bad people certainly, but they are not International Super Villains roaming the world on fake passports with connections everywhere.
This week, there was a story that three Jihadi fighters were killed in a stampede of wild pigs. “It is likely their movement disturbed a herd of wild pigs, which inhabit the area as well as the nearby cornfields,” Sheikh Anwar al-Assi, a chief of the local Ubaid tribe and supervisor of anti-ISIS forces, told the Times of London.
And while this is dripping in delicious irony, it should remind us that these terrorists are living in a part of the world where being killed by pigs is probably not a rarity. What are the odds of them ever having roamed within a hundred miles of where they were born?
And then there is a video released of fighters trying to shoot down an aircraft with single shots whilst standing in the middle of a road. Obviously, they had the Sh** bombed out of them and left the people filming whimpering in a scared voice “Allahu Akbar”. They are not smart enough to figure out the proper use of the weapon, and inexperienced enough to stand in a place that they are extremely likely to be fired back at. I repeat, NOT criminal masterminds.
But why then do the media and the world governments constantly push this image? Who are the real people behind the Global Jihad that is taking place? Who are the moneymen, the fixers, the trainers, and the organizers? Because they are not the semi-retarded village boys we see being killed by pigs and easy bomb drops.
We are not invited to look too closely at this because we may realize that the well-trained experts in international funding, are well-trained by us. The experienced teachers of Guerilla warfare and explosive usage are experienced because they have been trained by some of the best armies in the world. And the “Desert Generals” who seem to know exactly what kind of maneuvers our troops are making and likely to make, know these things because they have been trained by the same military.
Don’t buy the narrative on this. This is not the war we think it is, and it’s not the war the idiots who slavishly follow the Islamic Radicals think it is. Both sides will lose people, and it’s all for smoke and mirrors.

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7 thoughts on “The Idea That ISIS Are Evil Masterminds Is Ridiculous – And It Distracts From Who The Real Enemy Is

  1. “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”
    William Casey CIA Director (from 1st staff meeting 1981)

  2. The psychopaths (formerly called moral imbeciles) are just as stupid as their mercenaries and have banked on media control and a dormant populace to reach this critical point. A revolution of consciousness is occurring which will peacefully change the world.

  3. Hmmm
    “Al Qaeda” was created by the CIA in in the early 1980’s to describe and organize Afghanistan citizens to resist the Soviet Invasion. “Al Qaeda” was both directly and indirectly supported by the US and its allies throughout the Soviet occupation. Both the US and Israel have used “Al Qaeda” since 9-11 to justify and continue invading one country after another.
    “ISIS” = Israeli Secret Intelligence Services”. A term coined by US intelligence agencies to describe the multitude of Israeli intelligence groups operating inside and outside of Israeli going back well before 9-11. For its size, Israel had and continues to operate one of the largest “intelligence” networks in the world. Israel’s intelligence umbrella agency the Mossad’s official motto (until it became widespread public knowledge) loosely translated: by deception so shall we wage war. No country in
    the post WWII era has used false flags more often or with more devastating effect than Israel.
    Israel created the current “ISIS” during the chaos of the Iraq war to secretly begin the process of regime change in Syria to prevent the Syrian government from taking back the stolen Golan Heights and allow the eventual theft of Syria all the way to the Euphrates River. Consisting of regular and irregular Israeli soldiers, advisors and agents controlling mercenaries, foreign agents, and plan old fashioned terrorists, Israel with the massive support of Barrack Obama, secretly waged war that destroyed a sizable
    percentage of Syria’s Military AND civilian infrastructure. More than a million Syrian men, women and children were slaughtered between 2008-2015. Tens of million more were turned into refugees when their homes villages, towns and cities were leveled.
    Just to be clear, lest there be lingering doubts: Since it’s “creation” by Israel, ISIS has NEVER attacked, let alone killed
    Israeli Jews. Nor has “ISIS” attacked US troops. In fact, ISIS’s direct support of Israeli and US operations against Syria were such that when NutenYahoo and Obama were finally outed by the main stream media and thus forced to conduct their illegal attempts at Syrian regime change in public, ISIS has played an active supporting role. In the early days of Obama’s public bombing campaign, it was ISIS that was busy destroying Syrian anti-aircraft installations to protect Israeli and US bombers.
    The level of treason perpetrated by the likes of the creators of “Project for a New American (Israeli) Century” as well as those in positions of power and authority leading up to and in the aftermath of 9-11 is almost beyond comprehension. And certainly, it is on par with the treason committed by Roosevelt when he deliberately forced Japan into war and withheld the intelligence detailing the exact day time and location of the attack on Pearl Harbor to trick America (which at the time was 85% against war with Germany by the way) into war with Japan and thus almost immediately with Germany.
    America was tricked into going to war when Israel conducted its false flag attack in New York on 9-11. Traitors within the US government and Military have ensured that the lie of Islamic terrorism being a threat to America stayed alive. Up to and including staging both military and civilian terrorist attacks in the US, Europe and the Middle East on a regular basis since then to ensure
    the “wars” for Israeli empire stay on track.
    The fairy tale that “ISIS” could actually survive against the might of the US and Israel and successfully operate an ongoing large scale military action in the Middle East for a decade isn’t just a violation of the facts, critical thinking and common sense; like the crazy idea that 2 airplanes managed to bring down 3 steel towers weighing several million tons, falling in exactly the same manner at free fall speeds, by invisible terrorists with box cutters, it is a lie. What is truly amazing for me, is that despite the
    overwhelming amount of evidence that proves that Israel and the US are responsible, and Israel and the US being caught in lie after lie after lie, that people continue to be gullible enough to believe them and thus let the “wars” continue unabated. And when you stop to consider that these very same lies have been used to completely eviscerate our Constitution and Bill of Rights and thus take away our civil liberties and allow a tyrannical government to replace our Republic it is all quite beyond my comprehension at this point.

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