The Democrats are Finally Looking at Why They Lost – The Surprising Answer is a Vindication of Us All

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by Mark Angelides

When a party loses an election, the first thing they traditionally do is reflect on why they lost and how better to ensure victory next time around. But it has taken the Democrats a while to get to this position. They first began the blame game: Racists and Misogynists etc… Then they tried to hold up all government business to make Donald Trump seem ineffectual (it takes a lot of cash to pay these protestors day in day out). And finally, they decided to get to the business of opposition government and examine their mistakes. And what they found should be a wakeup call for all concerned.
Based on studies done by top Democratic Party strategists, after analyzing all the data, they have concluded that 70% of the reason that Hillary Clinton failed to win the Presidency is because she couldn’t convince the portion of the electorate who voted for Obama last time and Trump this time.
Apparently, this key demographic liked Obama well enough to vote for him (in some cases twice), but could not muster enough enthusiasm for Hillary. It does make you wonder what all the people saying “Trump voters are racist” are going to do with their time now. This was not so much a victory for Donald Trump, but a resounding failure on the part of Hillary Clinton and the DNC. They did what they always do, they took voters for granted. They assumed that if you are black, you’ll vote democrat. They assumed that if you are a woman, you’ll vote against a man. And this whole thought process is as ridiculous as it sounds. Each human is different, with different drives and motivations. No one can win an election by ignoring people.
Matt Canter, a senior vice president of the Democratic political firm Global Strategy Group (which carried out the study), says: “We have to make sure we learn the right lesson from 2016, that we don’t just draw the lesson that makes us feel good at night, make us sleep well at night.” And he’s right. Blaming someone else for your loss may make you feel netter, but it won’t help you win next time.
The purpose of an opposition government is to be there to keep the country running should the government fall (this is more true in Parliamentary democracies, but still very much applicable), and unless the DNC can take on board what they have now learnt, they will never be an effective government, NOR opposition.
The Democrat plan so far has been to try and “turn out the base”, essentially get their “demographics moving”, but as Canter points out, this is not enough.
“This idea that Democrats can somehow ignore this constituency (referring to white male voters) and just turn out more of our voters, the math doesn’t work,” Canter said. “We have to do both.”

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8 thoughts on “The Democrats are Finally Looking at Why They Lost – The Surprising Answer is a Vindication of Us All

  1. In general this is a bunch of hooey
    It might be true for specific states.
    129 million voted in 2012.
    137 million voted in 2016.
    Hillary got 65,853,516 in 2016
    Obama got 65,915,795 in 2012, a difference of 60k+ votes ? so who voted for Obama and not Clinton ? that can’t be it.
    It’s where they got or didn’t got the vote that matters – look at MIWIPAOHIAFLVA
    And who the additional 8 million voted for and from where ?
    And where would the 3rd party vote go if there were no 3rd partys ?
    In 2012 there was only 1 decent 3rd party candidate – Gary Johnson who got about 1.2 million votes. Stein got about 400,000 votes.
    In 2016 there were 3 decent 3rd party candidates – JohnsonSteinMcMullen that accounted for 6678164 votes.
    analysis stats from here:
    I hope they keep analyzing for the next 4 years.

    • You’re saying effectively that the difference in 2012 vs. 16 was McMullen. But he was only a factor in UT, and he didn’t win there either nor swing the state.

  2. So all this means is next time they will be trying to cover up their agenda even more and lying even more to fool even more. Never trust the democRATS. They are all frauds. The republicans in Congress are not far behind.

  3. Fergit it.
    White male Trump voters are more satisfied now than on election day. We view Dems with deep suspicion. The might as well try to win again by rigging the voting machines, that’s their only chance for the foreseeable future.

  4. The DNC,
    Like some poor, lost, confused spectre,
    stumbling about in the Graveyard.
    The Spectre finally stumbles upon the Grave marked HILLARY 2017,
    Digging furiously the Spectre once agains unearths the Stinking Corpse,
    And Exclaims!!!
    Yep ITS STILL DEAD!!!!!
    (Maybe Super Glue, Applied Profusely to the Lips,
    would Reduce Future Self Humiliation – – -)

  5. Deplorables™, White Males, White Privilege, White racism…
    just fuck you PC people….seriously…and forever….
    Even Libtard whities could see the writing on the 3rd world wall

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