The idea that YouTube can decide what is “coronavirus disinformation” when experts still don’t have all the answers is obviously nonsense. More and more people are questioning authority and thinking for themselves and the “elites” are hitting the panic button.

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by FringeCenterPodcast

I’ve said it a million times but this cancel culture and banning situation is really about fear and control.

The internet is mostly out of their control and it scares the shit out of them. Not bcuz they can’t control it but bcuz ideas and information spread like wildfire now.

20-30 years ago you’d have to get access to a physical video archive and watch hundreds of hours of CSPAN to prove Biden gropes kids. It’s a two second search now.

To find alternative explanations to COVID19 you’d have to wait for coast to coast am to come on or wait for a random guy to write a book.

You can watch corporate news and within seconds search up alternative explanations.

Imagine knowing that when your job is to push a single narrative.

That’s why they are in full panic. Cancelling or banning people outside of the mainstream narratives is the only non violent tool they have left.

Update: To clarify my position. I don’t agree with everything Icke believes but I respect his ability to say it.

There are extremist ideology videos on YouTube. Everything from pro gang videos to extreme religion. These are people’s opinions and beliefs.

Some of these call for or praise violence. I like rap music but 99% of it is trash and only serves to praise ignorance and violence. How is that shit still up?

If you’re not going to delete accounts with extreme ideas for their misinfo then why target Icke?

Because it has nothing to do with what’s right it has to do with pushing the covid19 narrative.



Disclaimer: This is a guest post.


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