The ‘impeachment’ debacle is a FAILED COUP on our legitimate government

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by Uppity Me

There simply is no objective evidence of any law or rule broken by the President.

At best Democrats are delusional and evidently think they can read the Presidents mind and think some how their own mental leaps in fantasy is enough to prove the President did something wrong.

At worse they are traitors to the nation and know full well they have fraudulently contrived the wrong doing, created out right lies and innuendo in order to hold a Partisan vote to remove a President of the United States.

Any vote yes under these circumstances is a clear and present danger to the constitution of the United States and the Nation at large.

Removing a President should never be a Political thing it should be based in some evidence or a real crime.

Sickening display and misuse of power by Congress.

Breitbart: “Pollak: House Democrats Violated the First, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendments in Impeachment Inquiry”

Can’t wait to see their collective asses kicked for sedition.

House Democrats violated the Bill of Rights in pursuing their impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump. Republicans have pointed out that Democrats’ articles of impeachment, especially the second article charging “obstruction of Congress,” punish the president for obeying the Constitution’s checks-and-balances.

Yet Democrats have also violated the basic liberties protected by the Bill of Rights, in the following four ways: …

Coup Update: Impeachment Abuse of President Trump

The Impeachment Vote Farce

As I told the press today in a statement, the Judiciary Committee’s vote on the articles of impeachment was both a tragedy and a farce. Truly, it was a sad day for America because a grave injustice was committed. There is no abuse of power by President Trump, however, it is clear that abuses were committed against him by the DOJ, the State Department, the FISA court, and certainly by Democrats in the House.

This impeachment scam was corruptly formed and is being corruptly pursued. A coup cabal has hijacked the House to violate the rights of President Trump and undermine our constitutional republic. It is not too late to “stop the coup.” Americans should call their members of Congress to share their views on this wild attack on self-government.

Trump approval up 6 points since launch of impeachment inquiry: Gallup

Democratic Vice Chair Who Rambled Through Impeachment Hearing Was Himself Impeached And Removed From Office.

SO PRETTY MUCH LIKE ALL THE OTHER DEMOCRATS, THEN: Maxine Waters Doesn’t Have the Facts, But She’s Sticking to Russia Conspiracy Theory.

Cruz: Democrats Lowering the Bar for Impeaching Presidents

If the standard set by Democrats in their push to impeach President Trump on the “obstruction of Congress” charge holds, then “every president going forward will be impeached whenever the House is in [the hands of] the opposing party,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) argued on Tuesday.

Trump could become “the first president in history who is impeached without an article claiming a criminal violation.”

and as EM points out – it’s a COVER UP of huge proportions

Rudy Giuliani returns to Fox News for the first time since returning from Ukraine

Rudy claims to have uncovered proof that the impeachment charade is a ‘cover-up’

Giuliani admits to forcing out Yovanovitch: ‘She’s corrupt’



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