The Importance of a President Who Loves America

By Gabrielle Seunagal

There are many traits that a person should possess when they aspire to be the leader of the free world. Intelligence, stamina, good judgment, and leadership skills are only a few of the critical and essential traits that the President must have in order to serve effectively. Many attributes can be learned over time; however, one of the most invaluable characteristics needed to lead America is patriotism. A great President must truly and genuinely love his or her nation in order to implement policies and take steps that are in the best interests of the American people.

When a President loves his or her country, they will enact policies that will engender success, prosperity, and affluence. A prime example is the current leader of America. Throughout the 2016 election and beyond, Mr. Trump spoke with such passion and devotion when referencing our country. The 45th President’s love for America is the motivating and driving force behind his determination to lower taxes, strengthen our military, restore jobs, and create trade deals that work for all Americans.

It is imperative for any Commander in Chief to love his or her country and take steps to preserve the freedoms of America. Our nation thrives when our leaders possess effectiveness and good judgement. The USA is so fortunate to have President Trump in office, especially when noting the abysmal alternative that calls herself Hillary Clinton. Despite the lies, conspiracy theories, and attacks thrown at Mr. Trump on a daily basis, he never fails to continue fighting for America; this is a man who I am very proud to call my President.