The Insidious Culture of Hollywood Liberalism

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By Gabrielle Seunagal
The prevalent liberal bias throughout Hollywood is painfully obvious to any truthful American. Hollywood has exerted liberalism throughout popular movies, television shows, and music. Actors and actresses openly endorse liberal candidates and ideologies in their speeches and on their social media pages. The general consensus is that liberalism personifies humanity and compassion, while conservatism promotes bigotry and intolerance. Liberal dogma has infested virtually every aspect of Hollywood, leaving very little room for political diversity.

One of the most popular TV shows on the ABC network is Scandal. In season 5, Olivia Pope states that it is time for a “woman President.” Interestingly enough, this occurred during the general election. Liberals thrive on “progressivism” and the notion that having a woman in office is a positive “change” despite the qualifications of that woman. Countless actors and actresses endorsed Hillary Clinton in spite of her abysmal track record and plethora of scandals. Desiring a woman President is not unacceptable, but woman should be honest and fit for office. Voters should elect a leader based on qualifications and merits, not race or gender.
Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton
The manifestation of liberal bias is not restricted television and movies. Beyonce Knowles, one of the most popular and established celebrities proudly endorsed Hillary Clinton at a political concert. She stated “I want my daughter to grow up seeing a woman lead our country.” This thinking is alarmingly shallow. What kind of woman does Beyonce want her daughter to see leading America? Does she want her daughter to see a woman engulfed by corruption and pay to play politics as the leader of the free world or a woman President who is strong, confident, and honest? Liberal elitists fail to comprehend that the content of one’s character will always outweigh exterior traits such as gender or race.
As a young conservative woman, the overt liberal bias in the media is deeply troubling. My generation idolizes Hollywood celebrities as role models. What message is conveyed to them when liberal dogma is constantly enforced through outlets like movies, speeches, and music? Liberalism is an insidious philosophy which tells people what to think instead of how to think.

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3 thoughts on “The Insidious Culture of Hollywood Liberalism

  1. Hollywood celebs are role models??? Beyonce is a role model??? Since when? Take my own daughter who is 24 and at one time liked Beyonce (Destiny’s Child period, likely)…my own daughter has a disdain for American pop music precisely because folks like Beyonce and Lada Gaga and Justin Beiber are such hypocrites and their music inspires nobody…her fave music is Japanese rock and The Gazette—fine musicians who actually send her a message (though they do get a bit too grunge at times). Funny how, other than privileged Bruce Springsteen, who grew up in a wealthy enclave on Long Island called Garden City, is the only rock star on record for supporting Hilaary…gee maybe rock stars are better role models than I thought!

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