The Internet Is Being Censored Before Our Very Eyes. Are We Going to Simply Stand and Watch as Information and Opinions Dubbed Too Controversial For the Public Are Dissolved into Nothingness?

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by Jac0b777

I have posted a similar comment elsewhere, but I’d like to reiterate this here, in a separate thread, as I think it is quite relevant to the situation we see unfolding all across the web. It is becoming quite obvious now to anyone truly watching – they are censoring the Internet before our very eyes.

It started with YouTube and their demonetizations of “controversial content”, it continued with much of that content also being simply removed.

[A brief history of Youtube Censorship]

In these times, the term “fake news” was born. And although there is plenty of actual fake news on the Internet, the main intention of it was highly likely not very benevolent. As we have seen, it, in many ways, appeared in order to create a label that would immediately create a negative emotional reaction in people and put that label onto anything that the mainstream media desires to censor or discredit in its totality.

It continued with Google itself announcing it would hire staff that would “curate” search results for controversial topics in order to fight fake news and misinformation – Google has thus decided it will become an arbiter of truth, it has decided to base its search results on “facts”, not links. Nowadays you can see that for certain search phrases, Google displays results that are very much in line with the mainstream narrative, pushing other results to later pages.

Alex Jones, like him or hate him, should not have been removed the way he was – he was taken down from every social media site, YouTube and now his PayPal account has been blocked. No matter whether he is controlled opposition or not – he has been banned without a second thought…and this has set a dangerous precedent. The media apparatus is flexing its muscles and the corporate powers (as well as the rich families behind them) are showing what they can do.

Reddit has followed suit, as it deleted many subs in relation to the Q conspiracy theory (which I personally do not believe in, however I disagree with the censorship) such as r/greatawakening. Now many subreddits on the list of subreddits certain mods desired banned have been quarantined.

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Of course here we cannot forget the ominous push for the destruction of Net Neutrality in the US and the horrific EU law based on Articles 11 and 13, that will create a censorship apparatus of magnanimous proportions (dubbed the “anti-meme” law, as it would destroy memes, but that title doesn’t do it justice, as that is the least of what this censorship monster can do)

[Article 13 presented simply in a wonderful satirical video]

[A site for taking action, if you are from the EU:]

By the way, this law has already been passed! There is however another discussion taking place about it in January – contact your representatives by then if you are from the EU! I have done so once and will do it again, as I am from the EU myself.

If you look at the whole picture it becomes very obvious this goes far beyond any of these events individually. These companies that influence and curate web traffic and have an incredible monopoly on the Internet in terms of user-bases, are working together… and they are very slowly making their moves.

But the moves are also being made by governments and other non-governmental organizations. It seems the agenda has been set and is being manifested into reality in perfect synchronicity by all parties involved.

All of this is happening very slowly, so that people will accept it. It is also happening in such a way that the censored parties are portrayed as villains, labelled hate speech or dubbed “misinformation” as has now happened with r/911truth.

Anyone that has truly looked will see that they are censoring far more than truly extreme hate-speech (and is even censoring that ever beneficial? Does that not simply radicalize actual hate groups even more?)- they are censoring things they don’t want the public to see or topics they don’t want people to debate.

The Internet has proven itself a vital weapon in the hands of the awakening movement. They see this and they are trying to correct their mistake. We should not let them correct it.

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If we all refuse to be censored, they cannot censor us. It is a good idea to move to different platforms (www.saidit.netperhaps?), to have actual discussions with like minded individuals, but remaining, at least to a degree, in mainstream battlefields such as Reddit, is crucial in order to spread various information to a wider audience.

When facing a mainstream audience, it is always crucial to present information in a manner that is coherent and articulate, as well as based on as many sources as one can find. It should also come from a place of peace and compassion, not hatred. If this is done, then the censorship will become much harder, as even the mainstream masses will see how obvious the supposed “hate speech” is anything but that – how could it be if it contains no hate?

Spread awareness of the subjects that matter, help spread solutions whenever possible, but always try to do it without resorting to hate, anger or fear. Also, speak against censorship whenever you can – it could be your controversial opinions that are censored next.

If there is crucial information, videos, articles, that you fear might become censored – save them on your hard drive.

As said, an option is definitely to move to other platforms, however if slowly everything gets censored, the only thing left would be blockchain based communication.

Any ideas you may have, any solutions that may be simmering in your minds – now is the time to put them forth and discuss them.

And remember, take care of yourself and your health, both physical and mental. Meditate, introspect, allow yourself to find peace within, that is actually present right now ; allow yourself to open to the possibility of life being more than merely the material if you are ready to do so. Also, engage in real, genuine connections with real people in your everyday life – this is crucial for any New Earth to thrive.

Bless you all.


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