The Internet Will Soon be Under Complete Agenda Driven Control, It’s Time for an Alternative

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by Mark Angelides

The internet will soon be a “safe space”, free from “hatred”, free from “Fake News”, free from “hurtful rhetoric” and of course, free from any views or opinions that do not fit the “progressive narrative”. Google and Facebook are looking to become public facilities (State operated), and with that will be the end of the World Wide Web as an open forum. That is not to say that the basic services will be any better or any worse, but as a place to challenge orthodoxy and “narrative”, it will be effectively dead.
The reason behind this takeover is an attempt to control the narrative of our everyday lives. Those who think outside the political narrative are not a small minority, and by joining with others who do not whole-heartedly believe the progressive agenda, they are a threat. To date, like-minded people have had access to forums and non-MSM which has helped them to realise that they are not an oddity, and in fact, may be in the majority. The establishment doesn’t want a political awakening, so they mean to shut down the lines of communication.
It has already started. News sites are being censored from search engines, flagged as “inappropriate content”, and most immediately, having their ability to monetize withdrawn. Youtube has already put a ban on monetization of videos that come from sources that Google (through AdSense) deem not fit for public consumption (mostly Conservative news and opinions). During Hillary Clinton’s campaign, she openly stated that she would remove the “right to exist” from news agencies that she didn’t approve of, and even named Breitbart and Infowars as two of the main “enemies”.
So what’s the alternative? Obviously boycotting the Internet is a non-starter (that will just achieve their goals for them), but there are two ways in which the “non-narrative folks” can continue to fight the information war.
Use sites that don’t rely on Government/Google backing
For every media channel that has progressive fingers firmly encased, there is an opposite (and perhaps equal) alternative site that performs a similar function. Twitter has for some time been playing along with the progressives tune, banning folk, falsely propagating “trends”, etc… But how many of you have tried It works on the same basic principles as Twitter, but without the censorship; a place where Conservative views run free! For Youtube, there are a lot of alternatives, such as Vimeo, Zippcast and Blip.TV. f course, right now they don’t have the viewership or range that Youtube has, but with growing censorship, it’s a good idea to start looking for new venues.
Use an alternative to the Internet
Does it seem strange that arguably the most successful venture of the last twenty years (the Internet), doesn’t have a rival? With almost every success comes imitation, or people trying to cash in on “near-copies”, but not with the Internet. Why is that?
Actually, there are alternatives. During the 2015 protests in Hong Kong, access to the internet was shut down in the Admiralty area (the part of Hong Kong island where the sit-ins were held), but news and comms still got through. This is because they set up Mesh Networks (also seen at Occupy Wall St.)
Mesh Networks are based around small (9ft) radio towers and Nodes (people with computers) to create a network. It can’t be controlled from the outside and grows as new people are invited to join it. You can check out the basics here and here. it may sound like something only aimed at hobbyists, but there are several huge networks already in the US and an enormous one (over 22,000 nodes) in Catalonia. The Catalonian network was set up in the early 2000s and now includes schools and hospitals as well as local citizens.
Whatever you can do to spread information that shows up the narrative for what it is, will help more and more people wake up to the reality we live in. Try to avoid MSM, look for reliable news sources and new ways to communicate. Then the information war can really be on an equal footing.


3 thoughts on “The Internet Will Soon be Under Complete Agenda Driven Control, It’s Time for an Alternative”

  1. “… free from any views or opinions that do not fit the “progressive narrative”. ‘
    Sorry, but you do persist in using the wrong words.
    That should be “the establishment’s narrative” or “the official narrative.”
    Progressive and establishment are not the same thing.
    There is nothing “progressive” about Obama or The New York Times or the CIA or the Pentagon or indeed the Democratic Party or any of America’s major broadcasters or the Clintons or any of America’s massive corporations.
    These are all elements with decided interests in maintaining a world empire with endless wars and invasions and coups. A world with immense Pentagon and CIA budgets. A world with immense intrusions into citizens’ privacy. A world of supporting such great injustices as Israel’s treatment of millions of Palestinians. A world of regarding Russia and China as opponents.
    How does anyone regard “progressive” and “maintaining a world empire” as the same?
    They really could not be more different.
    That’s why America has virtually no liberals or progressives.
    Everyone of any influence in America supports the empire.
    No one, not even Bernie Sanders, speaks against all the wars and interference and security. The best you get is “I didn’t vote for that.”


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