The judicial road to authoritarianism

by UniversalSurvivalist

There are many ways to lose one’s democracy but the judicial road to authoritarianism is perhaps the most pernicious one.

It started in Singapore by Lee Kuan Yew who bankrupted movements, opposition parties and opponents using libel actions to suppress those who would question him to avoid exposure of his corruption (think Canadian truckers and Twitter libel cases for defending Jeremy Corbyn in the UK).

Today in Europe it is the European Central Bank that is using the same techniques of strategic litigation towards a greater road to judicial authoritarianism.

A bit of alternative history that you haven’t heard, in 2015, the European Central Bank (ECB) forced the Greek banks to close in order to asphyxiate the Greek government that was saying no to the EU oligarchy. The ECB has the exorbitant power to close down an entire Eurozone country’s banks, exercising their power with decisions made behind closed doors by unelected officials.

It was part of the oligarchs attempt to intimidate the newly-elected Greek government into abandoning what it had been voted in to do: renegotiate the country’s public debt, fiscal policy and reform agenda.

The ECB later commissioned research into the legality of their own actions and then refused to make their findings public. Why hide the information if it was legal?

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The least that Europeans can expect is access to legal opinions that they have paid for regarding the exercise of the ECB’s power. In 2017, Yanis Varoufakis – Greece’s finance minister at the time the opinion was commissioned – and then-MEP Fabio de Masi, supported by a broad alliance of politicians and academics, filed a mass freedom of information request to the ECB to get this opinion. When they refused to release it on “confidentiality grounds”, they took them to the European courts.

They lost their case and to this day, the ECB hasn’t made that legal opinion public. Not only that – it is now demanding over €20,000 in legal fees from them, as a clear warning to anyone who dares request information.

This is the judicial road to authoritarianism!

It’s not a stretch of the imagination to understand how policies surrounding the pandemic exploited judicial systems using lengthy litigations to silence anti-vaccine and anti-lockdown opponents or how the world health organisation is currently usurping the rights of democratic nations.

It was the very same oligarchy who pushed their judicial authoritarianism on Greece that is pushing their pandemic agenda on the entire world today.

Banning people on social media or exploiting the mainstream media is just the superficial layer of a very corrupt clandestine group of individuals.


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