The Las Vegas Massacre – Court Proceedings – New Information

by Ruby Henley
There are some interesting facts coming out in court right now in the Las Vegas shooting case.  For instance, this is a very interesting statement made by officer Laura Meltzer, a Metro spokeswoman.  She said, “The department is investigating possible criminal charges related to items discovered during the service of search warrants.”
However, she did not say where the searches were, nor she could not specify the type of charges or what was found without compromising the investigation.
The police would not need search warrants for Paddock’s room, nor for the items left behind by concert goers.  Or I would not think they would; however, I could be wrong.  I know a  US Judge unsealed more than 300 pages of FBI warrant records justifying searches of Paddock’s properties in Reno and Mesquite, Nevada, along with vehicles and multiple email, Facebook, and other internet accounts belonging to Paddock and to Marilou Danley.
Media companies want the judge to release affidavits showing what police told state judges to obtain search warrants for immediately after identifying Paddock as the shooter.   The media is pressing for a motive.  In fact, they are pressing for answers just like the public.
Something I recalled a couple of days ago was the valet’s interview in which he said, Paddock did not seem unusual, nor did he have any strange things with him.  This indicated to me that he did not see any guns or weapons.  However, the police recently announced that there were explosives in Paddock’s van.  Plus, the valet from Hawaii just disappeared.  I cannot find anything on him now.
I think the people are owed an explanation on Jesus Campos, as none of the staff at the Mandalay had ever heard of him.  Where is he now?
Then, District Judge Elissa Cadish ordered a hearing with Metro representatives and its proposed witness or witnesses to state their case.  Cadish will soon rule if the documents of that hearing can be made public.  This comes after a lawsuit filed by local and national news organizations, including the Associated  Press, pushing to unseal the Metro warrants.
In a hearing last week, Metro argued that charges could be filed in connection with the shooting. Cadish didn’t order the records released that day, but noted that she was considering reviewing them privately before, which she’s since done, officials said.
In a Friday news conference, Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo said that charges were being considered for a person under FBI investigation in connection to the shooting but said he could not expand, only noting that Paddock’s girlfriend, Marilou Danley, was not expected to be charged.  However, according to a video of the court proceedings, Elissa Cadish said, “others”…not just one person.
To not consider Marilou Danley as a part of the whole thing makes no sense at all to me.  Could she be an operative of some sort?  I know there is something about her we just do not know yet.
The FBI knew that Stephen Paddock was no novice with guns, because they knew he had stashes of them.  He, also, had big stashes of ammunition and explosives.  However,  new questions were raised after a U.S. judge in Nevada unsealed the documents revealing some of what federal agents had learned about shooter Stephen Paddock in the week after the Las Vegas attack.
The 315 pages of FBI affidavits provide just a glimpse of what investigators found during initial searches of Paddock’s car and home after police found him dead late Oct. 1 in a hotel room at the Mandalay Bay resort. Girlfriend Marilou Danley’s casino player rewards card was with him, and that does not make sense to me..
The records also did not say whether Danley knew in advance about Paddock’s plans and why Paddock apparently emailed himself about buying and selling weapons and accessories.  Now why would Paddock email himself about that?  That makes no sense to me.
Investigators have said Paddock meticulously planned his attack and intentionally concealed his actions. He modified assault-style rifles to shoot rapidly, set up cameras to watch for police outside his hotel room and wounded a security guard in the hotel hallway.  When I think about Paddock doing all of that, I cannot somehow picture it.  He was sloppy and lazy.  It is like we are talking about two different people here.
Police and the FBI have said they found no evidence that Paddock had help carrying out the attack.  However, most of us on alternative media do not believe he acted alone.  In fact, we think there were multiple shooters, helicopters in the air, and the videos we have watched have shown that.
Paddock’s three-bedroom house in a retirement community in Mesquite was searched twice — first by police and FBI agents in the hours immediately after Paddock was identified as the shooter.  Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo later said that Oct. 2 search found 19 guns and several pounds of potentially explosive materials. A court document said more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition also was found.
The FBI returned to the house a week later for what officials at the time called “redocumenting and rechecking.” Their warrant gave agents authority to search for “trace evidence” including blood and hair fibers.  This is new to me.  It sounds like they my suspect Paddock killed someone in h
Officers initially searched the hotel suite where Paddock opened fire and his vehicle after it was found parked in the casino parking structure. Lombardo said several pounds of ammonium nitrate, a material used to make explosives, was found in the car.  Again the valet said when Paddock checked in there was nothing strange in his car.  A document released Friday said more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition and 100 pounds (45.4 kilograms) of explosive material was found in the vehicle.  They should be requestioning the valet…not to mention the hotel staff.
Other searches were conducted at a house the gunman owned in Reno, where agents found a red SUV and a neighbor reported that Paddock kept a safe the size of a refrigerator in the garage. Agents said their initial search found “a large quantity of ammunition and multiple firearms” on the property.
FBI agents returned to that house on Oct. 10 after local police determined someone had broken in days earlier.
U.S. District Judge Jennifer Dorsey allowed the government to keep one affidavit sealed pending a hearing before a Nevada state court judge on Tuesday about whether Las Vegas police search warrant documents should also be made public.
Here is the interview with the valet, Chad Nishimura.
“Kamehameha graduate working as a valet at the Mandalay Bay Resort said he parked the shooter’s car on Saturday. The gunman, 64-year-old Stephen Paddock, checked his car into the hotel on Saturday morning.
Valet Chad Nishimura, who is from Mililani, said he spoke briefly with Paddock.
“Just in shock, really. It’s scary to know that I was close to someone that was that dangerous. I would’ve never thought. He seemed like a normal guy. When he came in, nothing too weird about him. He didn’t have any crazy bags with him that I can remember. We are a convention hotel so we have a bunch of people that have boxes and multiple carts worth of stuff. There’s nothing weird that I can remember,” Nishimura said.
Nishimura and hundreds of employees at Mandalay Bay are cooperating with FBI agents as investigations continue.  
A number of people from Hawaii were at Sunday night’s concert or nearby. Social media helped connect family and friends worried about their loved ones.
Tara Spangler, originally from Pa’ia Maui, was working close to the concert venue, at the Hooter’s Casino.
She posted on her Facebook page that she was safe but said shooting victims fleeing the concert, swarmed into the casino.
“You can just see towels of blood everywhere and people walking past and they have like blood spots on their shirts and even on their face. I remember asking a girl, ‘Hey are you OK?’ Because she was just covered in blood and she said, ‘Yeah, (she was shaking) and said this is not my blood,'” Spangler said.  
Spangler said they could hear bullets firing in the distance. Fearing for her own life, she hid inside a closet.”
So in my opinion someone needs to explain the discrepancy between the statements by the authorities and the statement by the valet.  Surely the valet would have recognized explosives.  However, if I remember correctly, Paddock did leave the hotel to meet someone.  He possibly could have brought  the guns back with him.  However, there is no way Paddock could have gotten all those guns to his room alone.  He had to have help…bottom line.
Here is an interview with a gun shop owner Paddock visited, which does prove Paddock had an interest in guns.  One has to admit this.
“A Texas firearms dealer who had sold handguns to Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock in 2010 and 2011 remembers him coming into the shop last year with girlfriend Marilou Danley.
Paul Peddle, who owns B & S Guns in Garland, Texas, said Wednesday that Paddock didn’t buy anything on the most recent visit but asked about a way to modify a gun to make it easier to pull the trigger.
He said Paddock had never purchased any long guns that could have been used in the attack on a crowd of concertgoers on Sunday.”
OK…why did Paddock want to know how to modify a gun to make it easier to pull the trigger?  Maybe because he was planning the Las Vegas attack?
Here is a comment that makes me suspicious about Paddock committing suicide:
“Authorities say the Las Vegas shooter sprayed 200 rounds of gunfire into the hallway when a security guard approached his hotel room, but the guard was only hit in the leg.
Sheriff Joseph Lombardo told reporters Wednesday that the wounded guard then helped a group of police officers clear out rooms on the 32nd floor of the hotel.
He says Stephen Paddock planned to survive and escape but didn’t say how. “
Now, this makes no sense, how would a wounded guard, Jesus Campos, help the police clear out that room?  Did he even have the authority to do so?  How did Campos know Paddock was planning an escape?
Here is something to consider:
“Officials say Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock had been stockpiling guns since 1982 and bought 33 firearms in the last year.
Jill Snyder, the special agent in charge at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, tells “CBS This Morning” on Wednesday that Paddock purchased 33 firearms, mostly rifles, between October 2016 and Sept. 28, three days before he opened fire on a concert crowd. The attack killed 58 people and wounded more than 500.
Snyder said authorities wouldn’t get notified of the purchase of rifles, but would get notified if there was a multiple sale of two or more handguns in one purchase.
Snyder said Paddock had rigged 12 semi-automatic rifles with devices that allowed the guns to fire like an automatic weapon.”  
Authorities knew Paddock was amassing an arsenal of weapons.  My questions are:
Did authorities question Paddock due to these massive purchases?
Did Paddock plan to carry out some type of attack some time in his future?  Why else would he buy up so many weapons?
In conclusion the following article is filled with important facts about Paddock and his arsenal from a gun shop owner he frequented.
This is one comment which stood out to me:  ‘He was a smart guy. He’s not going to be caught going into the hotel with the weapons,’ Skipper said.
‘The Vegas casinos have firearms safes so if you are traveling and have a handgun, they’ll tell you, “We’ll lock it in the safe,” because they don’t want guns in the lobby.
But they’re not going to put you through a metal detector.’
Here is an interesting video, which speaks about Jesus Campos.  By the way I believe Jesus Campos is a member of the Mexican drug cartel.
I just want to say I believe Stephen Paddock is very much guilty.  I believe he had planned this for a long while, but I also believe the FBI was very much aware of Paddock.  There is a long way to go in this investigation.

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  1. Just more balogna to throw at America to swallow…..”Paddock is not dead…..he did not act alone……everything was planned in advance… go back to your boring life”…… u.s.govt.

  2. Here is my question; how many weapons can you fire at A time, I can see one in each room and extra mags, but that’s about it. Typical over kill in the set up.

  3. Bottom line. Paddock is the Patsy/Scapegoat. It would have been impossible for him to shoot that many people from different angles from a single location, including the people that were shot at the other casinos/hotels. He was not a “lone gunman”, if he was even a gunman at all. Also, you cannot discount the many eyewitness accounts of people being chased and shot at on the ground. People just don’t make mistakes like that. They know when they are running from someone shooting at them. Then there are the trail of bodies afterward of people that have contradicted the official narrative. Coincidence? I think not. Especially when the deaths are suspicious circumstances. The entire Paddock narrative is so full of holes and the manner in which the investigation is being conducted has all the signs of a coverup. The non-investigation of the facts and discounting of eyewitnesses and the exclusion of valuable and important evidence and all of the uncorroborated bullshit being spewed by the FBI has turned this whole thing into a three ring circus and the FBI are the circus clowns and of course we are just the viewing audience being entertained by the show. Barnum and Bailey would be proud!


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