The last redoubt crumbles: Corporate owner censors conservative talk radio

by Dr. Eowyn

1984 Orwellian censorship that once plagued the Soviet Union has arrived in America.

Already, President Trump and other prominent as well as rank-and-file conservatives have been booted from social media — TwitterFacebookYouTubeInstagramPinterest — a censorship that is denounced by the governments of Germany and other Western states.

Not content with that, Big Tech even shut down Parler, the popular conservative version of Twitter. Amazon suspended Parler from its server hosting service over alleged violent and threatening content; Google Play and Apple both  removed Parler from its app stores.

We had thought talk radio would be our last redoubt from the totalitarian Left.

Not so.

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Cumulus Media is the second largest (behind iHeartMedia) owner and operator of AM and FM radio stations in the United States, with 416 stations. Cumulus runs Westwood One, one of the largest U.S. radio syndication companies, which employs some of the most popular conservative and Trump-supporting talk-radio hosts, including Mark Levin, Ben Shapiro and Dan Bongino.

On January 6, 2021, reacting to the “storming” of the Capitol building, Cumulus Media executives issued a threat to its on-air personalities that they would be fired if they continue to spread false information about a stolen election.

Rodney Ho reports for The Atlanta-Journal Constitution, Jan. 11, 2021, citing the subscription-based Inside Music Media, that Brian Philips, executive vice president of content for Cumulus, sent a memo telling its talk show hosts to stop spreading rhetoric about a stolen election or face termination.

Philips wrote in an internal memo that “We need to help induce national calm NOW,” and that Cumulus Media “will not tolerate any suggestion that the election has not ended. The election has been resolved, and there are no alternate acceptable ‘paths’. If you transgress this policy, you can expect to separate from the company immediately.”

iHeartMedia which runs rival syndication group Premiere Networks and represents Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, has not commented about whether it has sent any “guidance” to its talk-radio hosts.



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