Progressive policies in action: Homelessness in LA County expected to skyrocket by 86% in next 4 years

by DCG

As is the case with many progressive-run large cities, Los Angeles is facing a major homeless crisis. I’ve reported on this many times over the last several years, see the following:

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After the city has spent MILLIONS each yeardo you think they’ve achieved any level of success in solving their homeless crisis?

That is rhetorical, of course. Just take a look at this:

ABC7 News reports that the non-profit Economic Roundtable predicts that chronic homelessness in Los Angeles County is expected to skyrocket by 86% in next four years.

Aparently the impact of Wuhan virus is expected to be twice as bad as the financial crisis of 2008.

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Los Angeles County has approximately 15,000 chronically homeless and that number is expected to DOUBLE in the next four years.

More from the ABC story: The county’s overall homeless population, which includes so-called “couch surfers” and others who bounce in and out of homelessness, is currently hovering around 66,000. The Economic Roundtable forecast pegs that number at 89,760 by 2023, a 36% increase.

Read the whole story here.

He must be so proud: LA Mayor Garcetti/LA Times photo

This is what years of progressive policies gets you.



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