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Why We Can’t Have Unity.

Trump didn’t divide the country. Let’s get that out of the way first. There’s several things that have divided us but the people who get elected are only the symptoms.

Collective Identity is why we can’t have Unity.  Don’t believe me?

1) Dealing with groups is tempting because it’s a force multiplier, and we’ve had “group politics” forever, but it’s reached a tipping point. Everyone is considered primarily their group identity.

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2) A failure to buy into this group identity ideology has been framed as racism. So we’re told to believe that people with ideological differences or who question dividing everyone into group identities are not just people with different opinions, they are evil. Even arguing against the focus on group identity will get you called a racist.

3) Group identity defines nearly everything. Racism, right and wrong are no longer defined by actions or attitudes, at least by a critical percentage of the population. Right, wrong, and racism are now defined by group membership or affiliation.

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Punching isn’t wrong, for example, depending on who you punch.

Violent protest isn’t wrong, for example, depending on what you protest.

Racism isn’t wrong, for example, depending on who you are racist against.


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