More on the DOJ’s war against protesting parents – and on fighting back.

This is reaching “suicide attempt” levels. We’re not Chinese peasants. Sooner or later, revolt will come, and retribution will not leave two stones standing. As someone who can, on looks alone, be confused with a leftist, this worries me sick.

BECAUSE LEFTISTS ARE, AT CORE, LOSERS, THEY HATE THE TALENTED: De Blasio to Phase Out N.Y.C. Gifted and Talented Program.

The Times calls a merit-based program a “glaring symbol of segregation.” Proving that they’re not talented. Then again, we already knew that:

WHY SHOULD WE LET A PUBLICATION LONG RUN BY ENEMIES OF AMERICA REDESIGN OUR FLAG?   The New York Times wants to redesign Old Glory and just… no.

NO ONE DENIES CLIMATE:  Google, YouTube to Prohibit Monetization of Videos Featuring ‘Climate Denial’ Content.

No one even denies climate changes. What we deny is a) that there is proof this is due to human action. b) that socialism and statism is the answer.

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Important question: are the left actually stupid enough they believe their own formulation?

I’d say no, but given that most journalists and execs are dumber than Obama and AOC combined, well….

DAVID SOLWAY: Leftism Is the True Pandemic. “It is a political disease for which we have many names—progressivism, Wokeism, Agenda 2030, the Great Reset, etc.—but they are all subsumed under the aegis of the Left, which approaches in stages or ‘waves.’”

Ohio Northern University denied the College Republicans chapter’s request to print ‘Back the Blue’ shirts that the chapter designed to also include the Thin Blue Line flag. “‘Campus Reform’ obtained copies of the email exchange between the university and club, which prompted the latter’s president to say she feels ‘silenced’ by the school.”

CAN THIS BE ANY WORSE THAN THE AVERAGE PUBLIC SCHOOL?  What is ‘roam schooling’? ‘Skoolie’ families teach their kids on the road.

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