The left is obsessed: California surfing has a “serious diversity problem”

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by DCG

The demorat-run media is out hunting for EVERYTHING that can possibly be racist. It all feeds their current narrative that America BAD because OrangeManBad.

Here’s the latest from SF Weekly:

Excerpts from the article (with a subheadline entitled, “Segregated Waves“):

America’s history of systemic racism plays a major role in discouraging people of color from taking up water sports, according to Chelsea Woody, co-founder of Textured Waves, a surf collective for women of color.

“Segregation laws of this country really restricted who could participate in leisure activities and zoning laws with who could buy land in certain areas and coastal towns,” Woody explains.

The California Land Act of 1851 pulled sprawling ranchos away from Mexican owners and handed them over to white settlers. Pools and beaches were segregated during Jim Crow, effectively prohibiting Black people from public access. A 2014 CDC study found that Black American children were up to 10 times more likely to drown than white children.

“I think the lineup is really just an extension of colonialism,” says Kyla Langen, co-founder of San Francisco based Queer Surf.

While the motivations behind territorial aggression may not be directly linked to the color of surfers’ skin, it often underscores issues of privilege and access. “Localism helps ensure that the people who are already there kind of stay in control,” Manickham-Shirley says. And if the people who are already in wealthier, beachfront communities are more likely to be white, that makes it that much harder for people of color to gain their footing.”

Read the whole article here.

Of course “colonialism” is to blame for this apparent problem. And “localism.”

Imagine going through life with the purpose of finding apparent hobbies that lack diversity due to colonialism.



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