This is what NYC looks like under de Blasio’s watch: 176% increase in shootings last week, compared to last year

by DCG

As I previously stated, when you have demorat “leaders” who support lawlessness, defunding the police and “criminal justice reform,” you can expect no consequences for illegal behaviors. And you can expect more of them.

Such as this, from NY PostNYC’s 47 shootings last week are 176 percent increase since last year.”

Last week the city had 47 shootings compared with 17 during the same time period the year before. The 47 shootings included 14 murders. You can read all the shooting details in the link above.

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The good mayor supported defunding the NYPD by $1 billion so don’t expect more resources to be put in place to address this uptick in violence.

Good luck, NYC. You’re going to need it.



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