The left is using a new woke term and it will make you roll your eyes HARD

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The left is apparently using a new woke term to describe mothers and it was revealed today in a tweet by radical Congresswoman Cori Bush, who was tweeting out a video of a mother testifying about the complications she had during two of her pregnancies:

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“Black birthing people,” that’s what they are calling black mothers now. How insane is that?


well you cant call them women because that assumes one of 2 kajillion genders, but i didnt black was allowed i thought it was african american …. im confused..


WOKENESS HAS COME FOR ADOPTION:  “It’s the children who will suffer.”

There’s a long history to this stuff.  The National Association of Black Social Workers has vehemently opposed inter-racial adoptions for many decades.

DUMB: Basecamp FOLDS on Non-Woke Workplace Policy, Suspends Exec After Employee Cries. “Days after banning politics from the workplace to keep employees focused on their mission rather than distracted by wokeness, software firm Basecamp appears to have reversed course, suspending its chief strategist after he said he does not believe the company is white supremacist and after employees reportedly cried and screamed.”

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The only thing my kids (when they were much younger) ever got for throwing a temper tantrum was a brief spanking — these so-called grownup crybullies deserved far worse.

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