The Left will smear and if possible destroy any institution they can’t seize or keep hold of.

GOODNESS: Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation isn’t democracy. It’s a judicial coup.

For all the justified outrage about sexual assault, involving allegations that Kavanaugh denied, the new supreme court justice represents an even bigger lie than his mindless fabrications about “ralphing” and “boofing”. He can blame his weak stomach if he likes; the rest of us are heaving at the sight of a generation-long confidence trick suckering an entire democracy.

You could hear it as Kavanaugh’s loyal supporters stood up on the Senate floor and proclaimed their sincere belief in, nay their earnest yearning for, judicial impartiality.

“Judges make decisions based on law, not on policy, not based on political pressure, not based on the identity of the parties,” said Deb Fischer, the Nebraska Republican who quoted liberally from Kavanaugh himself.

This may come as a surprise to anyone who has been awake and conscious for the last several decades of a campaign to stack the courts with conservative ideologues.

It’s hard to believe that Mitch McConnell, the wily Republican leader of the Senate, has fought so hard and so long for his legacy to be such wonderfully impartial and apolitical judges.

As I’ve said many times these last few weeks, the Left will smear and if possible destroy any institution they can’t seize or keep hold of.

Exit question: Is it “stacking the courts” when Democrats appoint progressive-left judges?



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a) The Left has been doing it all along
b) The Left is doing it right now
c) It is exactly what the Left will do in the future if they ever have the power to do it, without hesitation

LAW….. OF…… IRON…..

Book it.

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