The Libertarian Way To Tip

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by Robert Carbery


Photo: ScotHibb/Reddit
Megan, a server at a Tex-Mex restaurant in Missouri recently got this “tip” from someone who is not a fan of the individual income tax. Undoubtedly, a libertarian.
On the tip line, the customer put a big zero, in addition to: “Taxation is Theft.” To further clarify, the customer put some loose cash on top of the receipt with a note saying, “This is not a tip. This is a personal gift and not subject to federal or state income taxes.” The Reddit post was aptly titled, “The Libertarian way to leave a ‘tip.’”
Is this stupid anarchic libertarianism at its most extreme? Or is this a bold statement made by a man or woman with real principles they prefer to stand by? The world has weighed in as this post has over 1,700 comments arguing for or against the libertarian way to leave a tip. Surely, there is some stimulating dialogue in that thread.
The customer would rather gift the money directly to the waitress as opposed to the federal and/or state government taking its portion off the top. Many Americans believe taxation is a form of theft. And yes, many libertarians are quite extreme in their belief that government is not necessary and therefore, taxation is stealing. But many other libertarians are much more sensible and pragmatic in their approach to the government’s role in our lives.
As Trump revealed his tax plan this week, taxes are back on the forefront of discussion for now. Americans seem to want more big government but don’t want to adequately pay for it. As a people, we must decide once and for all what kind of country we want to be. Do we want to become a country with a bloated federal government teeming with unaccountable bureaucracies? Or do we want a system of limited government, freedom, liberty, and a government by and for the people?

Americans voted last November for real change in D.C. Many are still getting used to the new non-politician in charge. But let’s hope he sticks to his Liberty loving guns and reduces the size and scope of the federal government.
Limited government and lower taxes will benefit the most Americans in the end. Unfortunately, we are heading toward growing our federal government more and more at the expense of state governments and individuals’ liberty.
Can the never ending tide for bigger government be turned back? Can’t we all learn to be lovers of freedom and free markets?
The first 100 days have been a decent start but we can do much better.


2 thoughts on “The Libertarian Way To Tip

  1. Certainly going to do something like that the next time I’m in a restaurant.
    I don’t believe that taxation is theft in general. Taxation is legit as long as the money is spent to further the common good – build infrastructure, have some (though not “working doesn’t pay off” level) welfare, keep us safe from criminals (without building an excessive police state), …
    But that’s not what current governments are doing. Most tax money goes directly into war and bailing out banksters.
    I’ll leave a 0 tip and a personal gift along with a note saying I’m doing it because I don’t want my tip to fund murder and/or go to the pockets of the 0.01%. Instead, I want it to go to the pockets of the person who did a job well.

  2. Well, this Libertarian will never read another of your blogs because of your ignorance. Tip: Don’t alienate potential readers by branding them “stupid” or “extreme”. You are the reason why the GOP is dying.

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