The list of potential instability markets

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by ReadMurrayBookchin

I compiled a list of some of the places where we could see the beginnings of a global financial crisis. I don’t know very much about developing markets so I’m sure there is much more out there.

North America

USA: Stock bubble; leveraged covenant-lite loans; commercial property / housing bubble in certain regions; corporate junk bonds; equity ETF’s; corporate debt; underfunded pension liabilities; state and local government debt; zombie companies

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Canada: Housing bubble


China: Massive housing / property bubble; entrusted loans; local government financing vehicles (LGFV’s); corporate bonds; wealth management products (WMP’s); zombie companies; stock market bubble(?)

Japan: Stock bubble; corporate debt; non-performing loans on Japanese bank balance sheets

Australia: Housing bubble

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India: Non-performing bank loans


Italy: Non-performing bank loans; sovereign debt

UK: Risk of a no-deal Brexit; housing bubble; corporate debt

Germany: DeutscheBank, Commerzbank weakness

Spain: Non-performing bank loans

Sweden: Housing bubble


Turkey: Currency crisis; construction/property bubble

South America

Argentina: Currency crisis; sovereign debt crisis

Brazil: Currency crisis; sovereign debt


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