The Little Gift From Illegals Nobody Talks About

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via GSB/LTD:

It may be a very tiny little gift, but just like their spreading presence it’s a pervasive one.

While shopping at my local ACE Hardware store yesterday an odd thought hit me: that with the upsurge in illegal immigration over the past couple of years we’ve also witnessed a new line of products on our store shelves….
I’m talking -of course- about BEDBUG KILLERS.

Now, Bedbugs have been a part of human life since man first crawled into a cave but at least until the past generation they were something that were problematic during rare outbreaks but nothing the “average” person ever had to worry about.

But that’s all changed now, hasn’t it?

It started with “new & improved” pesticides sold everywhere from Dollar stores [who -not surprisingly – carry some of the best selections!] to 7-11’s, Grocers, big box stores and beyond to the web. HUNDREDS of products all designed to attack one little critter: the “Cimex Lectularius” [Cimex being the Genus of insects that feed exclusively on Blood]. The current big appeal seems to be “Odor Free” compounds of deadly toxins… at least we won’t gag as we inhale any fatal fumes!

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Next you started to hear random news reports of Bedbug outbreaks in well-known Motel chains -and once in a great while a bigger hotel where the worst you’d ever expect to encounter would be the cliche fly in your soup. Granted, hoteliers have historically been prey to all manner of vermin but we always assumed they had a good handle on such infestations and we were reasonably assured of sleeping on a bed not containing anything more than two legs!

Finally, there are those little sidewalk signs. Smaller than their obnoxious political big brothers, these are the ones you can get custom-printed for under a buck. Strewn along sidewalks at streetcorners everywhere, they advertise anything from Roofers & Sewer Cleaners, Child Day Care to BailBondsmen and they saturate our daily drives. But the newest signs promote those companies that guarantee to RID YOUR HOME OF BEDBUGS! ONLY $29.99/PER ROOM! CALL NOW!! And it seems that they dominate all the other Mom-and-Pop industries out there.

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So Folks, I suppose we can thank the illegals for bringing us this new cottage industry that seems to be thriving like few others.

And, for those who doubt the source of this new minute menace we need only look again at history! All major deadly outbreaks from the Black Plague to Cholera have been preceded by rapid movements of immigrants from one nation to another – in many cases, they were immigrants FLEEING such pestilences only to spread them anew where ever they went. Food for thought there, Folks!

And -even worse- just look at how many beds there are in the world! So many mattresses, so much Blood… so little time!!!

You’ve just got to pity those bordertown hostels where Cockroaches, Spiders, Scorpions -and the rare Rattlesnake- once were the most commonterrors. Today, as you check into a B&B that may very well stand for a “Bed & Bugs!”


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