The lockdowns are not going to end

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by dukey

So in the UK there is another lockdown which is supposed to be 1 month long. However yesterday the government announced a 5 month extension to the furlough scheme. Link here:

There is no way in hell they would extend this scheme by an additional 4 months if lockdown was going to end in a month. They are bribing people with free money whilst the economy literally implodes. Savers will feel the brunt of this because this will be paid for by literally printing up new money devaluing the currency.

In case you feel like protesting? The government has this covered too and it is now illegal to protest if there are more than 2 of you:

I’m sure they will make an exception for BLM or some other insanity. These are end times right here, this is like the final stages of some kind of complete fascist government take over.




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