The LOSING CABAL is running the world – JUST STAY OUT OF IT

by Karlgel

I’m doing this more and more each day – DON’T PARTICIPATE to the loser-cabal world!

– Stay out of social media 100%

– Don’t read/listen/watch ANY news

– Don’t use streaming-services

– Don’t waste your time with computer games

– Don’t even TEXT people, if you must communicate long distance use phone calls (as analog as still possible in your area)

– You CAN leave your mobile phone at home & switch it off – people managed to survive without one also in the 1980’s

– It is also STILL allowed to write letters or cards by hand and send them to people via post. That’s how people used to stay in contact with people in the past centuries even overseas

– Go out more, to places where you can roam freely, nature is great

– Avoid doing ANYTHING which requires an official permit, or registration, or anything at all like that

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– Don’t break the law, that gives them an excuse to come after you

– Use CASH only, as much as possible

– Don’t use any membership-loyalty-frequentshit-cards

– Buy as much as possible directly from local producers using cash or exchange of something

– Give up all insurances you possibly can

– Move around more on foot, bicycle, boat, or even a flippin’ horse, whenever you can


– Remember to talk to God, talk to Jesus Christ, daily if possible – they’ll have your back covered 24/7/365.

Do this and the NWO cannot get to you, they can’t control your mind anymore. YOU are in charge of your thoughts again. You don’t need to know what their “paradigm” is this week. Just don’t participate. If you hear that Biden or WEF did something stupid – just ignore it.

Do this – and life suddenly becomes A LOT more enjoyable.

God bless you all – time we start living in a GODLY world – let the NWO-cabal-BS rot in their own misery.


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