The man that was "scammed" by Amazon and was compensated with a $1000 gift card after being sent two boxes of rocks when he bought $12,000 worth of cameras is FAKE.

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This is in reference to the video posted on Reddit last week:

This guy not only kept $12,000 worth of cameras, but also received a $1000 gift card from Amazon.
PROOF: This is from another user’s research that sparked my interest:
It’s pretty obvious that this box was opened previously by someone.
However, here is undeniable proof that the Youtuber himself is the culprit.
See this shit? Watch again in slow motion on Youtube here if you have to. He feigns surprise before the box is even opened. Watch the forehead region of his face. If any of you have studied micro-expressions, you’ll notice his eye brows do not raise at all. His eyes pop and his jaw drops, but his brow remains stationary.
Here are the frames broken down which show the progression of his reaction.
h/t shitposter007

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