The market is behaving like its early Feb 2020

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Florida hospital system declares code black due to surge in COVID-19 patients

See also  We're amid the biggest mortgage rate shock since 1981. The bond market is literally imploding, equities are guaranteed to also implode soon enough.

Investors Shrug Off Regulators’ Leveraged Debt Bubble Warnings

To hear the central bankers tell it, leveraged-debt markets are overheating and could face tougher rules. For investors, there’s no bubble in sight and a fresh deal surge is on the way. As developed economies learn to live with the coronavirus, M&A activity and debt refinancing have accelerated, driving lending to indebted firms to a near-record…

“It’s Probably Time To Sell!” – Guggenheim’s Minerd Warns Of Delta’s Looming Threat To Risk Assets

All in all, as far as markets and the economy are concerned, “Things couldn’t be better.” If that’s the case, I guess it’s probably time to sell!

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