The market is behaving like its early Feb 2020

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Florida hospital system declares code black due to surge in COVID-19 patients

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Investors Shrug Off Regulators’ Leveraged Debt Bubble Warnings

To hear the central bankers tell it, leveraged-debt markets are overheating and could face tougher rules. For investors, there’s no bubble in sight and a fresh deal surge is on the way. As developed economies learn to live with the coronavirus, M&A activity and debt refinancing have accelerated, driving lending to indebted firms to a near-record…

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“It’s Probably Time To Sell!” – Guggenheim’s Minerd Warns Of Delta’s Looming Threat To Risk Assets

All in all, as far as markets and the economy are concerned, “Things couldn’t be better.” If that’s the case, I guess it’s probably time to sell!


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