The market knows it: Without central banks printing money to infinity, they would fall faster than a stone.

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A decade ago, central bank intervention was thought to be temporary. Just need to fix the problems and we’ll be back to normal in no time. Then years passed and we still needed some stimulus but it’s ok, problems will be resolved soon. Then after literally 10 years of intervention, the markets not only expect more central bank easing, but require it to keep it alive. That’s a complete acknowledgement of failure. Game over.


Markets: Indexes, Bonds, Forex, Key Commodities, ETFs

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US manufacturing survey contracts to worst level in a decade

20191001 Manufacturing PMI decline jws.1569942352092.png (600×500)

U.S. Factory Gauge Hits 10-Year Low as World Slowdown Widens

After scary manufacturing drop, this is the number to watch Wednesday

Repo and Reverse Repo Operations – Federal Reserve Bank of New York

GM lays off 6,000 additional workers in Mexico due to UAW strike

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2019-10-01_06-35-10.png (732×603)

2019-10-01_06-33-12.png (722×500)

2019-10-01_06-37-19.png (713×510)

Southern California Gas Prices Soar Past $4 Per Gallon – CBS Los Angeles

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Japan’s Worst Bond Auction in Three Years Sparks Global Sell-Off – Video – BNN

Japan Bond Sell-off Sends A Stark Warning To Wall Street

E-Trade, Ameritrade, Interactive Brokers slammed as Schwab drops trading commissions – MarketWatch


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