The market went back up today! We are headed back to the bull run, boys. Seriously, look at this chart. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

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by throwaway92715

Typically, throughout history, when the market indices have quadrupled in the last decade, and doubled in the last two years, it is the sign of a stable bull market that lasts for years to come.

I can think of a number of precedents in history when the peak of a sustained parabolic trend is followed by a dip and a lower peak before dropping back down again, the market rebounds and provides investors with steady gains all the way through retirement.

Look at this chart: You can see that the market is really, really stable right now. It just keeps going up. Where as in past decades it went up and then back down again, this time, it just went up 4 times as much, and didn’t go back down at all. That is exactly why I believe it will keep going up, and by the end of the year, we will all be very rich.

Furthermore, Elon Musk, leader of the most profitable car company in the world, just sent out a tweet telling his shareholders never to sell a stock they believe in. Right after he sold $8.5 billion dollars worth of his own company’s stock. That is how dedicated he is to trading.

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See the chart below: This is what we in Finance refer to as a “reverse camel toe” or a “sleeping giant formation.” See back in 2020, everyone thought this was the end of the bull market, and there was going to be a recession. But actually, that was just a little hit, just the push that the American economy needed to unlock its potential.

After that, the index skyrocketed. I think that’s exactly what is happening right now. There is even more potential to be unlocked, and I am taking off my shorts and elongating my longs

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