The Math that doesn't add up… (Orlando shooting)

not my words. words that were sent to me by a friend. and, to clarify my personal position, ff ops for the gun grab means people probably really do die for his cause. of course, the jury is still out on this one.
The Math that doesn’t add up:
A man walks in to a night club with an AR-15, shoots 103 people in under 7 minutes at 2am. The majority of the victims were shot multiple times, some as many as 12 times, with reports of several dozen rounds fired in the air and several dozens of rounds missing. 3 hours later, engages in a gun battle with 9 police officers that lasts nearly an hour.
So let me get this straight…one lone shooter in under 7 minutes reloaded his AR-15 30 times with 30rd magazines in under 7 minutes, firing nearly 1,000rds of .223 ammunition while in a nightclub surrounded by 320 people, managing to kill and injure 1/3 of them, takes a 3 hour break, and then engages in another gun battle lasting nearly and hour in what was described as a “hail of bullets” with a SWAT team?
Having years and years of experience with AR-15s, it would take me nearly 7 minutes to reload 30 times…let alone having time to aim and shoot 1,000 rounds semi-automatic in between firing dozens of rounds in the air screaming “Aloha Snack Bar”…just saying…something doesn’t add up…
Let’s not even mention the fact that he managed to have 30, 30rd AR mags loaded and at the ready in order to do it under 7 minutes. If he is holding an ammo can in one hand (that weighs 40 pounds) and an AR in the other…what was he doing…reloading and firing with one hand at the same time? Either that, or he had a tactical vest from Hell that was able to hold 30 mags!! Something ain’t right folks…

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Orlando Victim Interview Needs To Go Viral (multiple attackers)

ok, this is weird…
advance to 1 min
the news guy is asking one of the men from the club about who he went to the club with and he says he doesn’t know where he is or what happened to him. then the news guy asks him more about his friend and he starts speaking about him in past tense.
he doesn’t know where he is or what happened to him, but he’s speaking about him in past tense.

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20 thoughts on “The Math that doesn't add up… (Orlando shooting)

  1. Someone does not know how to write simple sentences. Are you too lazy to capitalize the first word in a sentence? You owe it to your readers to be more professional.
    “not my words. words that were sent to me by a friend. and, to clarify
    my personal position, ff ops for the gun grab means people probably
    really do die for his cause. of course, the jury is still out on this

    • He is such a busy, breezy executive, that these kinds of minor details are beneath him. He’s been doing this for years.

  2. Here’s some more math. The alleged shooter lived 120 miles and a 2 hour drive away from the club. That’s a four hour round trip, under good conditions. He had a steady job with the worlds leading security company. It’s easy work – he’s a guard at a gated community. His house, which he bought for $ 95,000 3 years ago, is now worth $ 164,000.
    He’s passed multiple background checks, by his employer, the FBI, the State of Florida, and the bonding company.
    So…you gotta wonder why this guy would drive 2+ hours in the early hours of the morning to get to an unimportant gay club at closing time, and throw it all away. You gotta wonder how many of the killed and wounded have police bullets in them. My guess is that the shoot-out was strictly one sided, with the police doing all the shooting.
    So, was this a mass shooting or a police live fire exercise?

    • One of those heartless but monstrously compensated Craft International blasts through Bahgdad in a humvee, ‘cept done in a gay night club in Florida is what yer sayin’? `Whew, good one…

  3. Riddle me this Batman…
    In the age of the smartphone, in the hands of everyone and everybody, not one frame of video was shot of this event. (…or at least the night of) Odd to say the very least.
    Night clubs have video surveillance as a fact of life. However, the gun grabbing media never showed even a single frame from the night club.
    Where were the helicopters taking the wounded away trying to save lives? Why did so-called ‘witnesses’, whose stories almost all contradict each other, say to the press… “Bodies were laying in the streets for hours?’ What? Do police in FL cower instead of evacuate and ambulances not work?
    How come surgeons who are reported to be treating the wounded NOT in surgery, but instead, are attending the never ending press conferences of ‘officials’ patting themselves all on the back for basically doing nothing.
    These shooting ‘productions’ are beginning to loose the ‘sex appeal’ they once had when the majority of people actually believed that they were real.

  4. So, in an enclosed space, it is possible to have through and through injuries, so he may have shoot multiple people with one bullet. Like shoot fish in a barrel. But then there were those witnesses who claim that there were others who were helping the shooter. At this time its too soon to tell, we need to see what the FBI and State police come up with in their respective reports.

    • Their reports are much more worthless than the paper they’re printed on. Reports of Liars and Lame-Ass Con Artistry. This shit is so old. Now they’re are just doing it so they can begin targeting those of us who have been on to or have recently become “enlightened” to their high crimes and their increasingly pathetic Dog & Pony Shows and put us at the top of the list for transport to the FEMA Camps.

  5. Another botched ‘government job’ where people are sacrificed for the sake of population manipulation. If the FBI is involved — they planned the event.

  6. Looking at the size of the building, the number of people reported in the club (300 to 320), and the people shot (1 of 3), with how long the “gun man” had before SWAT, you know the hero want to be’s, where finally shamed into going in to save it’s citizens that pay for all their worth; well, the shooter could have choked them all to death. The story is correct on ammo: a military standard combat load of ammo was 7 30 round magazines, with most carrying up to 10 30 round mags. Ok, this guy was superman and had 30 30 round loaded mags and couldn’t miss. 80% of those shot with a high powered rifle die. All the shooting was done at pointblank range and they bled out for over 4 hours. Death toll should be about 98%. Of course he was tired from carrying over a hundred pounds of ammo and gear and had to take a nap, so he couldn’t kill the “30” hiders that swat saved. The camera hounds smiling and lying had me wanting to do bad things to my grass. These survivors really are superpeople; no stress, no fear, no horror, no vomit, no blood (how about the hot chick in the WHITE pants without a top) no dirty clothes, no sweat, no tears, no nothing of a real mass murder. TOTAL BULL AND IN YOUR FACE.

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