THE MEDIA GASLIGHTING ISN’T WORKING: Most say ‘protests’ have become ‘riots,’ new high in support for police.

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via washingtonexaminer:

Support for police has surged past 4-1 in key battleground 2020 states, likely driven by concerns that “peaceful” Black Lives Matter protests have become more violent.

A new survey for Heritage Action For America found that opposition to defunding the police, part of the Black Lives Matter movement, has jumped to 79%, with just 16% supporting the defund plan.

That opposition to slashing police is the highest of any recent poll, and a strong indicator that the type of law and order message pushed by President Trump and the GOP has support in Arizona, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, where the survey was conducted.


Well, as we’ve seen, even the black community opposes defunding the police:

Related: Fight The Mob: The Riots Reveal The Revolution. “The riots have exposed multiculturalism for what it is: a revolutionary movement, led by the Democratic Party, aimed at destroying the American way of life.”

MOSTLY PEACEFUL: Portland Antifa Rioters Again Try to Burn Down Police Union, Police Stand Down to ‘Deescalate’ the Riot.

BLM Mob Beats Piñatas of Minneapolis Police Union Chief and His Wife Outside His Home.

Texas will punish cities that defund police by freezing property tax after Austin cut $150 million


How might the riots be responsible for these outcomes? The National Bureau of Economic Research suggests a number of ways:

Property risk might seem higher in central city neighborhoods than before the riots, causing insurance premiums to rise; taxes for income redistribution or more police and fire protection might increase, and municipal bonds may be more difficult to place; retail outlets might close; businesses and employment opportunities might relocate; middle and higher income households might move away; burned out buildings might be an eyesore; and so on. These damaging aspects of riots, the authors find, apparently outweighed outside assistance directed toward the riot areas in the wake of the disturbances.

The Minnesota Reformer reported in mid-July that:

At least 127 people are facing charges related to the unrest after Floyd’s death, according to a Reformer review of all unrest-related charges filed so far by the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Hennepin County, Ramsey County, the city of St. Paul and the city of Minneapolis. The vast majority of people charged are Minnesota residents — but fewer than half live in Minneapolis or St. Paul.

It might be fun for some people to travel to a riot, smash some stuff up, and head home thinking they have struck a blow for some cause or other. The evidence shows that it is those left behind who pay the costs.


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