The media intentionally covers flawed conspiracy theories to distract from the real ones

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by lilganj710


The mainstream culture in the post-industrial world is quite hostile toward conspiracy theories. This is because the ones that seem to get the most press are the ones that rest upon flawed logic, such as flat earth or that vaccines cause autism. Humans like to stereotype, so these fallacious beliefs have become what people associate with the words “conspiracy theory”. So when conspiracy theories based on facts are brought up such as Gary Webb’s Dark Alliance, people automatically associate them with flat earth.

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For instance, a while ago I was talking with some people about US intervention in Venezuela. I pointed out that while Maduro is corrupt, Guaido isn’t inherently good because of it. In fact, the only reason the US wants Guaido in power is because he’s a member of the Popular Will party, a Venezuelan party whose primary goal is to increase oil exports. The US is literally willing to sabotage Venezuelan utilities to accelerate Maduro’s removal from office, I said. And instead of getting an attempt at a counterargument, one of the people said “wow ur just another conspiracy theorist the US is trying to fix the system” and everyone agreed with him.

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I believe that the media covers the shit out of conspiracy theories that are blatantly false to create a stigma against conspiracy theories as a whole. In return, they could receive favorable legislation from a government that benefits from this. Not to mention the fact that the CEOs of these massive media conglomerates have investments of their own, likely in large companies that could be implicated by FACTUAL conspiracy theories.




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