The media is downplaying the health risk of the Petrochemical Fire in Deer Park, Texas. Millions of pounds of unburnt Naptha, Benzene, Toulene, and Xylene is being released.

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A major fire at the petrochemical plant owned by Japanese conglomerate Mitsui & Co caught on fire last week, and reignited today. The media has been downplaying the effects and telling everybody that the air quality is safe.



DEER PARK, Texas (KTRK) — Cleanup and chemical offloading continue into the weekend at the ITC facility in Deer Park after a number of setbacks on Friday.

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The fire reignited in three tanks Friday afternoon. The fire then spread to a ditch next to a containment wall against the tanks. That was just the latest issue. The first issue happened during the morning when a dike holding contaminated runoff from the firefighting efforts broke.

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ITC officials say the breach in the wall has been closed, but they’re working to strengthen it.

A short shelter-in-place for only industrial neighbors was encouraged and the Houston Ship Channel was then closed from Tucker Bayou to Light 116 due to pollution.


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