The Media is Hyper Focused on Mass Shootings because the Democrat Objective is to Abolish the 2nd Amendment.

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by Xianb1

With no Orange Man Bad Narrative they are Hyper Focused on taking away OUR 2nd Amendment. By constantly promoting Police Shootings. They want your Hand Guns taken away. Hand Guns are the quickest Self Defense Reaction. No Hand Guns means more Victims. Since you can’t exactly conceal carry a Shotgun in your pocket under your shirt. Doesn’t it strike anyone how odd it is that immediately after George Floyd they got a new Police Shooting case to Hyper Focus on? Already spinning the narrative that she was unarmed despite the whole reason for Police being there was because she was armed? Can’t make this shit up. They want a Race Civil War to happen in this nation.

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Any intelligent reasonably informed person who isn’t a Social Justice Warrior can see through this piss poor manipulation. Democrats are not your friends. They have 50 states to HYPER FOCUS any Cop Shooting on at ANY GIVEN TIME. This time they choose Columbus, Ohio. Ohio is a Battleground State in a Presidential Election Year. That’s not by mistake. That’s by design.

Step 1: Make Washington DC A State.

Step 2: Stake the Supreme Court.

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Step 3: Hold a Constitutional Convention. With DC being the newest state will be the Deciding Factor to disarm ALL Americans.

Step 4: The Great Reset Happens in America. No armed Citizens means the New World Order can do what ever the fuck it wants to us.

We are currently in between Step 1 and 2. Democrats are working over time to make this agenda happen. All while never withdrawing the National Guard Troops they summoned.


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