The media is totally trying to twist the executive orders the president just did to ensure people can still get unemployment, and us working on income tax cuts, I’ve never seen anything like this

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President Trump bypasses Nancy Pelosi & Chuck Schumer’s Covid19 relief pork bill. Signs 4 EO’s. Eliminates Payroll tax, Extends Unemployment benefits, Stops Evictions, Extends Student Loan relief.

Congress could not get done what we pay them to do, so he did it and they are furious ? What ? The headlines, the trending hashtags the way they are twisting it is crazy even for the media.

No mention of him stopping evictions, doing stuff to actually help people in some of these just pure rage. It’s really crazy I get it’s an election year but he gave congress the time to do it and they would not

Instead of stuff like the massive cuts on drug prices, the executive orders to stop six trafficking and help victems.. #trumpcantridebike is trending and tweets about him being a tyrant for writing the executive order are trending and being elevated ….

Even if your someone who doesn’t like him, and I get why some don’t, does this not seem crazy to you? This is election interference and manupilation…but involves 90% of the media both the press and social media on a massive planned scale…



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