The media isn’t right wing or left wing. It is establishment. It works with our intelligence agencies.

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by Default-Freedom

We all know the media went after Trump and never gave nearly any scrutiny to Jeb Bush. Trump won in spite of the media, not because of it. Sure, he received coverage and you could say that any publicity is good publicity, but in this case they were calling for his impeachment nearly before he locked up the nomination.

Now recall how Bernie Sanders was treated in 2016. Ignored. It was “her turn”. In 2020 Bernie Sanders almost had the nomination locked up, and then “the Russians” were suddenly helping out Bernie.

Tulsi Gabbard also was defamed as a Russian Agent. Tulsi. What the actual.

It seems there was a cold calculation done that Biden could be the one who pulled republicans and moderates who didn’t like Trump over to his side. And now we see all of the establishment republicans jump to endorse Biden.

Now we have an actual story that Joe Biden was getting a cut from Hunter’s sweet board positions. Joe Biden bragged about withholding aid if Ukraine didn’t fire the person investigating Burisma. Why? Why would he care that they were investigating Burisma?

And now suddenly, Mitt Romney is so interested in having Trump denounce the conspiracy about elite pedophile rings and he says not a word about Bursima.

The fact is there is a uniparty out there and it is controlled by our intelligence agencies. The FBI, rather than confirm the veracity of the contents of the laptop want to investigate whether Russia was involved.

Same crappy story over and over again. The establishment is wetting their pants. They want Joe Biden in so they can resume business as usual. If Trump wins, it could be the end of their constant deflection and manipulation.

No democratic Biden voters I know actually like Biden. They are just anti-Trump. The programming has worked for a vast majority, even though most are pissed that Bernie or even Warren did not get the nomination.

This is a game they have played for years and some on the left think that the media is right wing because it isn’t as far left as they want it to be. Most on the right see that the establishment is seething with Trump hatred.

What Facebook and Twitter are doing for Biden is stalling. It is all about stalling. Even the Biden campaign hasn’t denied the allegations, they just try to discredit the source. Journalists who dare ask Biden any questions are publicly shamed by their overlords.

The media is the establishment. The establishment wants things to return to how they were under Obama where they got away with all sorts of shenanigans. All sorts of wars in the middle east.

The question is, will we let them?




Disclaimer: This is a guest post and it doesn’t necessarily represent the views of IWB.


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