The Media Isn’t Showing The Kyle Rittenhouse Videos A Thousand Times A Day. Like They Did With George Floyd. Yet They’ve Already Declared Him Guilty. The American Left Is Destroying Our Right To Self Defense.

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by DementiaBiden

We can never allow the Democrats to take away our 2nd Amendment rights. We cannot become Australia. Rittenhouse was outnumbered 3 vs. 1. Everyone that night was armed with weapons. And they charge him with Murder. The 17 year old kid who has no criminal record. On camera from multiple angles including FBI Drones running away for his life.

Not only is the American Left trying to take away our 2nd Amendment Rights they are trying to take away our Miranda Right to remain silent. So your damed if you speak out to defend yourself from the onslaught of the Political Narrative and your damed if you choose to remain Silent. Either way they are making it so your damed regardless. Which the Judge rightly yelled at them for.

Also for all of us COD players should be outraged that the Leftist Prosecution would even dare to bring up a Video Game. Video Games are not real life. Which Rittenhouse rightly pointed out. This Leftist Prosecution is acting like he has never played or watched anything violent before.

In conclusion if Society riots over a Child Molester and a guy who broke into Houses for a Living can we all admit there is no hope for Society? Society is defending the Scumbags instead of the Kid with no previous Criminal Record.

MSNBC skips Kyle Rittenhouse defense’s closing argument after airing prosecutor’s case to jury

The media definitely isn’t biased or anything…

See also  Media narratives … it is interesting how so many media companies all get on the same page instantly.

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