The Middle Class In More Trouble Than They Can Possibly Imagine

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by Thinker

The middle-class, the foundation of every nation. Supporting the the poor and the reason most businesses are functioning. While CEO’s of large corporations show their true colors by their salaries vs employee’s, it clear to see the true content of character in what an individual and business is really all about. Where are you shopping??? Where do you bank??? Where do you buy your food??? What do you know about the history of those establishments???

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Do they support the people or profit without return??? The middle class have and will continue to take the hit, until they stand up and say enough. People on welfare have turned it into a family business, and retirement at the expense of every American taxpayer. Why aren’t those on welfare required to volunteer in government agencies to help offset the cost to taxpayers???

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Be ready for anything. Midterms coming…what will happen after they’re over???


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