The Money Printing Won’t End, History Predicts

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by Adam Taggart, Wealthion

They say those who do not understand the lessons of history are condemned to repeat them.

This isn’t the first time that authorities have intentionally devalued their currency in desperate attempt to stimulate economic growth.

Yet right now the world’s central banks — the Federal Reserve, the ECB, the BoJ and the PBoC — are all aggressively expanding their money supplies through inflation & deficit spending.

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And they are fast approaching the point where their only available option to service the expanding pile of debt is to keep printing — ever more, ever faster.

What does history suggest will be the outcome from these efforts?

And what implications will they have for those looking to preserve their wealth?

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Global investor, entrepreneur and scholar of history James Hickman — better known by his pen name Simon Black — delivers thorough and highly confident answers to these critical questions in this new interview.

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