The Money System is INTENDED to Drown Us | Drew Piacine

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Tired of working harder and harder every year, but falling farther and farther behind? It’s no coincidence that the fruits of our blood, sweat, and tears are being taken by stealth, leaving us struggling just to keep our heads above water. And the way this set up is playing out, an even more desperate future is planned for our children and grandchildren.

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What if there were a way to just get off the merry-go-round of slavery to debt and intentional inflation? What if we could cooperate in a way where we all win, where we get to keep the value we create, and our saved assets yield real growth rather than shrink?

Drew Piacine, co-founder of the King Dollar Project together with Marc R. Ward, joins Reluctant Preppers for the first time, to call us to consider that we can opt out of the USD system, and adopt an entirely different model that can offer us a more prosperous future for today and future generations…

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