The Mormon Church came out HARD against Utah’s medical marijuana initiative. Last week, MormonLeaks leaked a doc proving the church owns nearly a billion in big pharma stocks.

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by relevantlife

That’s right, it likely had nothing to do with religion & everything to do with $$$.

Here is the LEAK that I based this reporting off of. Also, here is an article about the leak.

CELG – 347 million in shares,

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JNJ – 490 million in shares.

ABT – 242 million in shares

GILD – 101 million in shares

PFE – 73 million in shares

ABBV – 39 million in shares

MRK – 19 million in shares

The church owns over a billion in big pharma stock, and failed to mention that when they came out HARD against the medical marijuana initiative.

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They make money off of sick people. And try to control what treatment those sick people can access.


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