The Most Corrupt Politician Perhaps in Australia History Forced to Resign & More

by Martin Armstrong

New South Wales’ most corrupt and controversial Liberal Premier, Gladys Berejiklian, was forced to announce her resignation due to being a target in an investigation by the Australian Independent Commission Against Corruption.  related to a “close personal relationship for she gave her lover millions of tax dollars who was an MP, while she was treasurer. She is probably the most HATED Australian politician perhaps in history. Probably with a personality like her’s, she had to pay him vast amounts of money to pretend he was her lover and really cared.

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Corruption in politicians is worldwide and totally out of control. Ursula von der Leyen’s husband has been the director of a biopharmaceutical company since the Corona year. It’s not bad enough that she was planted in that position by Klaus Schwab. Like Biden’s son being hired for an energy company in Ukraine and these people pretend it is not for influence. We really need to fumigate the halls of governments – everywhere.


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