The most intelligent man in the universe (210 IQ) holds non-libtard beliefs. Really makes you think.

by shadow332

This guyJPG causes hilarious amounts of butmad on Quora. He’s probably the most controversial figure on there since Ron Maimon at this point.

Just an aside about Ron Maimon: Ron Maimon is a self-taught physicist that gained prominence on the Quora forums for posting extremely well articulated and unique ideas regarding certain aspects of modern physics (specifically QFT and quantum biology) in an a very bold and confrontational manner. He’s an odd one because he’s a self-described Marxist Jew, but is also a “truther”, believing the Boston bombings to be a false-flag operation, is inherently skeptical of the current political paradigm being enacted by Isreal, and disdains modern academia.

Ron Maimon has developed a reputation for his adversarial nature as well as his expertise in the sciences among elite academics. He’s been banned from posting on Quora, Wikipedia, and mathxphysics stack-exchange for his problems with authority on those sites. If you’re interested in learning more about him, I recommend looking up his post on Harvard’s Math 55e course on Quora, where he gives an 8,000 word break down of his experiences in the class. He’s probably one of the few people who could really hold a candle intellectually to Langan.

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You know he’s onto something because the Wiki article is nothing but salt.

He is active on quora. You can read more of his current answers there.

IQ measures an ability to spot patterns. While a huge part, it is not all there is about intelligence. It also explains why high-IQ people are right leaning, they spot the pattern in what is wrong and quickly find the inappropriate parts of society.

Explains why so many philosophers held anti-semitic views.


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